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    Movie Review: Black Swan

    Sorry, didn't think much to it at all. Left after about an hour. Got bored with trying to work out what was really going on, and it looked like it was going to stray onto topics that I really don't care to see. To think it was billed as a psychological thriller - wasn't very thrilling
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    '08 Assignment- "REFLECTIONS" -No Due date

    A couple of recent ones - Dallas Arboretum And an older one of my car
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    Russia last year

    In a word - work. Was doing a training tour for MTS - Russian mobile operator. I know what you mean about the church top - it's all there in the earlier shots in the series, then I started making sure I got the plane in the right place and... hey ho! And yes - it was cold - Siberian winters...
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    Russia last year

    Hi folks - don't ask me why I've not been on here for a while, 'cos I really don't know the answer. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few general shots of my trip to Russia last december. Hope you like 1. Padlocked bridge in Ekaterinburg. Apparently lovers fasten a padlock to the bridge just...
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    REALLY need photoshop/design help!!

    Not entirely sure which bit you are trying to remove, but the web page your link goes to does not have a .jpg file in it when you save the page, but the page source code does include several entries like this:- </div> <!-- Close Page --> <div align="center"><div id="footer"> <br />Brought by...
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    Please help me in choosing web hosting

    Have a look at - I've used them before t good effect and not a lot of money...
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    Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 World Champion!!!

    just result, excellent race. For once, the world champion is a deserving one.
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    Need Your Help! What should i do? Legit Or Not!

    Quite right. You only need to inform the authorities that you have it and the details of it. You don't need to hand it over until they ask for it.
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    Need Your Help! What should i do? Legit Or Not!

    Just to add a further thought, and I know the US market is different, but local research over the last day or so has turned up...... there are a number of perfectly legit secondhand camera shops here in KL, where I could find you any number of secondhand Nikon D300's for a list price of RM5000...
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    Need Your Help! What should i do? Legit Or Not!

    Nnoooo. I get on with mine just fine - If I can do it, anyone can.
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    Need Your Help! What should i do? Legit Or Not!

    Just a small point but one worth considering I think - the photos causing your suspicions are not on the camera as you say, they are on the card. Card and camera are not inseperable, and many folks have bought cards they believed to be new from t'interwebnet and found photos still on them...
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    2012 Olympics in London

    :lol::lol::lol: If only it weren't so true.....
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    Alex rant (am I stupid/incompetent)?

    Don't worry mate - you are most definitely not alone. After all, even if you are a pro ad make your living from photos, you can't have 100% perfection and concentration 24/7. There is a life beyond the lens / viewfinder. You'll get your mojo back I'm sure
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    On this day...

    Absobloodylutely. One of those days you never forget. I was in a business meeting with two Israelis, when my sec came in and said that a plane had hit the WTC - we all thought a Cessna, or something like that - then she brought in a print from the web. Then another from the second tower. I...
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    the pet peeves thread

    Neither is right. Ask an engineer - in both cases you are using the wrong glass. That so winds me up :er: