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    Jax Beach Today!

    Guys, let me know what you think of this shot!?
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    Engagement B&W

    It not over exposed the bright whites are just the type of B&W i used. I will try it in something a little less bright.
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    Farm pic

    Thanks guys what lens good would you recommend for a canon 50mm 1.8, or are they all about the same?
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    Farm pic

    Would use of a polarizing filter cut down the flare or a lens hood?
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    Engagement photos

    Blurring the backgrounds with a shallow focal point would put more attention on the couple. Nice scenerary though!
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    Engagement B&W

    Took this shot yesterday. Thoughts please?
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    Farm pic

    Thank for the advice. I kinda liked the flare, gave it a little more character.
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    Farm pic

    Pic I took yesterday on a farm of a couple. There is a lot more, but like this one a lot!. Let me know what you all think.
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    One of my favs!

    My daughter and wife's hands!
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    Hey guys!

    Just starting getting into photography and loving it! Love that there is a place like this for us to show our photos, and get and give advice! Look forward to getting to know all you guys! Jeremy
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    Walmart Photo Printing

    I don't like walmarts prints either!
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    A good Canon for every day use?

    I love my canon 60d!
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    Little Bugger Outside my house

    Like this a lot! What lens are you using?
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    Squirrel season 2012

    Nice close ups!