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    Brittney - Model

    #7 is killer!
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    1st Tonemapping Attempt- C&C

    photo reposted
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    1st Tonemapping Attempt- C&C

    Any suggestions for improvement?
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    New L Glass Pics- C&C

    I picked up the 70-200 4.0 today and I'm so happy I did, it's amazing! I, of course, ran to a new site that I want to shoot at in the spring to try it out and here's a few of the shots I got. 1. 2. 3.
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    First LIGHTBOX shots C&C

    thanks for the c&c- I bought poster board to cover the seam and after testing it out today I know I've gotta get a paper roll...
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    First maternity shoot

    1 & 2 seem to have an orange/red cast. 3 is my favorite, I really like the composition!
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    First LIGHTBOX shots C&C

    So I built my lightbox today- fairly easy to do and only took about 15 mins to put together tops. I based mine off of this tutorial. I think the lighting came out good but I think my fine focus might be off. Or maybe it was for the fact that I don't have a shutter release? The close ups look...
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    Building Lightbox tomorrow- any tips?

    Hey guys, I've got a few weeks away from school so I've decided to work on some projects I've been wanting to do. One being to build a lightbox. I've obviously googled how to's on building them- but I'm just curious if anyone has any tips to share after building one?
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    Family Portrait Session

    Great set, I really love #1...
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    Planning to pickup a 40D...lens combo?

    I love the 28-135IS however I don't shoot lots of landscape, I shoot mostly portraits. As far as lens range goes, you need to understand that the 40D has a crop sensor. You need to multiply the lens range by 1.5 to compensate for the crop. Ex- 28 x 1.5= 42mm FYI, you can get an 18-55 lens...
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    50 women 13 hours all getting portraits

    Good luck with that one! It sounds practically impossible! Side note- I was checking out your site and I absolutely love "The Way Home"... it's an amazing shot!
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    March 1st snow C&C

    we've definitely got some snow- but not the 8-12" they promised :( I got a few last night too, I'll have to post them.
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    Newborn shoot - cc please

    1 is outstanding... the rest of the set is great too- except for the tulle shot. I'm def not a fan of that one. But the rest are amazing!
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    Bought a 50D today!

    I'm really looking forward to the new upgrade as well! I took a few test shots today and I'm pretty excited!!! I'll be sure to post some pics once I get used to the thing!
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    Solo Photo Book Month

    Sounds like a great idea to me! An excuse to build my portfolio!