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    Baby Geese shot & Lake Scene

    Bump! I don't believe there that bad. :confused:
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    I love the last photo best! nice and clear shots!
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    Baby Geese shot & Lake Scene

    1. 2.
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    Arctic Terns Take a Break

    These 2 landed near me, sadly in the wrong direction of the sun but they are clear! 1 2 3
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    I REALLY don't like spiders BUT... That 2nd photo is PERFECT! I don't care what anyone says it's PERFECT! :D Wish my camera could do that!
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    Sleepy Duck

    Thank You!
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    Rare Soldier Crab "Family Portrait"

    Awww their so cute! :mrgreen: Great photo!
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    Hawk kills Rabbit!

    That rabbit got OWNED! No I'm kidding, anyway great capture! I love the first shot best. :thumbup:
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    Sleepy Duck

    I believe it's a little over exposed but they turned out o.k. 1 2
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    Toronto, Humber Bay View

    Please tell me what you think. I've never done a scene like this before. Thank you.
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    Pink SunSet

    Thanks. :wink:
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    Mr. Toad

    Sorry I don't really understand like you want all the rocks darkened? Could you show me? Thank you.
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    Behind Bars

    Great photos, sad cats! =( Theres something about that 3rd out of focus photo that I like. I think it's like your in the cats cage, watching him sleep as he has nothing else to do. He lays there in hope wishing for someone to adopt him. I hope they all get amazing homes! :(
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    A few shots from Tampa Lowery Zoo

    Wow great photos, I love number 2 the best. It looks very unique! :mrgreen:
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    My First Lightning Shots

    Those are brilliant, love them! :thumbup: