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    Custom Motorcycles C&C

    they're just all really snapshots
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    around the house

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    Practicing Panning

    A friend and I were goofing around on our bikes and came out with, what I think, a couple decent shots. Obviously they could be a little clearer/sharper but the sun was going down and we were running out of light
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Me last winter. I posted it after I took it and dug it up when I came across this thread. Hopefully I look older now :lol:
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    My first attempt at rolling shots

    The black 05 with the spec c roof vent is sick
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    Few random photos with my new D50. =]

    i like the first one of the cat i love cats
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    Campus Bench

    Nothing special but I really liked the colors and lighting
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    Celtic Cross

    the complete cross doesnt seem to be in focus, but I dont know if you were going for that or not. I like the shot otherwise
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    From my first xmas pet shoot of the season

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    Kilo TT

    I tried to go to the lowest stop but sometimes my rebel will only let me go to f5 even on manual settings. its kind of odd. Either way I appreciate the feedback. but I cant stand foot retention, i dont feel any safer with it
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    Kilo TT

    I posted up pics a WHILE back of my bike, oh how its made progress since. I didnt get any replies in the past on it (people are duds on here) so hopefully somebody may have something to say this time.
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    So this is where I play C&C pls

    I like it, nice colors!
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    this picture is awesome. good work
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    Fixed Gear

    Room mate and I went out tonight for some shots around campus. I have the white schwinnn, his is the orange zebrakenko.