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    Any feedback on the Arca Swiss Z1, now that you have had it for a bit? What did you have before? Trying to decide what to replace my existing head with...
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    Space Shuttle Launch

    Where did you take pictures from? Thinking about going in March...
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    One More For C&C

    It does bring the focus in, but I kind of agree that I like portrait feel, but you go with what you got.
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    got to go out and shoot a bit

    Like the last one, but would really like to see it bigger.
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    christmas C&C please

    Compositionally, I think that moving a little to your left might drop the TV out of the shot and get more of the grandfather clock in the photo. For some reason the TV distracts me. Were you using a tripod? I might try a little longer exposure (not much) just to show some of the ornament details...
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    5 Summer Holiday Shots for C&C

    #1 and #2 are soft and need a bit of sharpening. The water and bottom of the boat are both dark and seem to blend too much. The sky is bright and that is only accentuating the darkness of the water. Maybe bring up the levels in the water and use a gradient filter to darken the sky after that...
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    California Ocean Evening... C&C

    IMHO, I think #1 could use some cropping... Maybe offset the sun so it isn't centered.
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    One More For C&C

    I think that you would do with a smaller aperture. Not enough of the leaves are in focus for my taste. I do like the glow around the leaves though. That is nice.
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    Flowers at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

    Just an experiment that went further than I wanted. Was working on setting up for next year and tested in the wrong folder...
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    Flowers at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

    Actually only live about 30 minutes away so DSBG is my 'try out new equipment and techniques' spot. I have tried to fix a couple of ways. Cloning was quicking my behind around those petals. Let me know what you think. one of these or the original. (Or a do over is acceptable too.) This is a...
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    newb question: where to rent lens??

    I second Lens Rental. Also a good place to pick up used equipment.
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    Flowers at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

    Thanks. It is odd how you can be so focused on one thing that you don't notice another. I never saw that path, and now I can't not see it...
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    Flowers at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

    Just posting to see what everyone thinks. This was my first attempt at using fill flash.
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    car chargers and batteries

    Can't comment about the car charger, but I bought an off brand battery for my XT/i when I had them, and was not pleased with its performance. It wound up not holding a charge within 6 months of purchase. So I just always get Canon now. I would be curious to hear others experience with this...
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    Some from a Christmas party CnC

    I agree with Derrel. The WB is a little to yellow for my taste...