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    Best Places to shoot in New Jersey??

    Goodlookin out - I never thought to look in WeirdNJ for places to shoot, although back in the day I used to visit a few of those places under the cover of night.... So lets schedule a date to find the falls and trip to NYC.......... Oh and of course B&H!!! Ciao! -iSellJerseyShore
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    Pet Peaves

    Mine is Slow Update of Package Tracking Details...... I had to add this since I am currently tracking 4 Packings coming from different parts of the country... It just drives me nuts how slow the Tracking Updates are.... errrr :-) But thats what makes it like Christmas, waiting for some...
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    Ask Anything

    Desert Platinum Do you know what a Fugazi is? :lol: -iSellJerseyShore
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    Photo Stitch - Panorama How-To?

    Thanks for the info! Now that I have started to wake up a little I understand exactly what your talking about!! I am going put one together this weekend sometime :-) I will post my attempt.. Thanks Again! -iSellJerseyShore
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    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

    What were your Camera/Settings for this shot? -iSellJerseyShore
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    Heavily Photoshopped

    Pretty neat, looks like it was painted with water color paint :-) .... Brings back memories of childhood... Very Modern lookin! -iSellJerseyShore
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    Disc Repair Devices - Do they Really Work?

    Its 1:01am, I am really bored so while surfing the net I have come up with this question.... Do CD/DVD Disc Repair Devices Really work? If you do not know what I am referring to, check out the following link...
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    Where do you buy your photo envelopes?

    Check out a local Walmart, I believe I seen them there one time while I was in the Office/School Supply isle's....... If not try checking out Staples or Office Depot...... -iSellJerseyShore
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    Photo Stitch - Panorama How-To?

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find some info on how to Take & Stitch Together Photos to form a Panoramic Picture? I have the Canon Photo Stitch Software, is there a better software out there? Whats required to be done when taking pictures to be stitched together??? Any...
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    My First Assignment!

    From a sales point of view, its always good to have a few items on hand for immediate sale.. There are those who express interest at the time of event but once the event is over they are forgotten... So its best to grab those while interested.. As Meysha said bring some prints as samples of...
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    UV Filter on Digital Camera useful?

    I personally mainly use UV filters on my lenses for protection... -iSellJerseyShore
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    Is that a Bicycle Helmet? Neat photo, could be used for a logo or something :-) -iSellJerseyShore
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    WTB: (2) Canon 420EX Flash

    I am looking to buy 2 Canon 420EX Flashes... Don't have to be brand new... Email or PM me with your price... Thanks! -iSellJerseyShore
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    Bride in home

    Awesome! Very Classy! -iSellJerseyShore
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    Surreal... (ish)

    Welll ummmm Speechless :-) ........ Very Different I must say!! -iSellJerseyShore