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    1DX Mark 2

    if you need an external hotshoe flash check out the Profoto A1
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    Canon EOS 1D X mk II messed up pictures

    i have a problem with my 1DX II look at the images , tell me if you think its the card or camera. card : and the messed up images: A01I2572 A01I2572 sorry for the external links , i use flickr and its not working with upload file/embed
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    Anybody using the filter system by Wine Country Camera?

    i have the wine country camera filter holder, i like it. i dont use it much im still experimenting filters.
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    Comment by 'J4ck' in media '[No title]'

    :) cool pic
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    What brand of cFast2.0 you have ...

    blah blah blah
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    1D X mk II memory card problem.

    how do delete my message