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    PhotoShop Challenge!!

    I hate to spoil everyone's fun, but should we be photo-shopping images that were found via a google search? *cough* Copyright *cough* *cough*
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    Filters in General

    I think Socrates was referring to the fact that the effects of graduated neutral density filters can be mimicked to some extent by combining a number of different digital exposures of the same scene (eg HDR). Granted, this isn't always the best way to do it however, and I certainly wouldn't want...
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    For mad scientists only!

    Read the book! Save yourself a lot of time and hassle photographing every page, plus you may be infringing the Author's or somebody else's copyright by reproducing the text.
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    On site event photography

    ProShow Gold is quite nifty, but I don't think its available for Mac... You could try Pictures to Exe.
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    dark room help?

    If you're in the UK, try: or I'm not really sure of any sites from the US or outside of Uk though.
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    Filter Mount/Holder

    Yes, the gradient filters are usually rectangular rather than square, so you have extra room to move them up and down in the holder and position them as required to match the horizon in your composition. The holder works with a leaf-spring (or something similar...) that holds the filters in...
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    Filter Mount/Holder

    Simple answer? Yes :D The Cokin filter system works with a series of filter rings that attach to the threads of different sized lenses. You then attach the filter holder to the ring, and slot the filters into the filter holder. The beauty of the system is that you only need to buy a new filter...
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    Amateurs vs Pros (Interesting Quote!)

    Do a quick search for some of Man Ray's Photograms (he called them Rayographs....) - he did some great work without a camera ;)
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    Learning PS - Eye Color

    I'm not sure about using the colour replacement tool, but you can change eye colour simply by making a selection of the area you want to change (zoom in and be careful about what you're actually selecting, or the result won't look natural), and then using the Hue/Saturation tool, with the...
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    120 vs 35mm

    I guess it depends on how big you class big as... ;) If you already have the kit, then I would stick with using the 120, as you'll be able to blow the shots up a lot bigger than 20x24. But then again, it depends what you're going to be photographing. 35mm cameras are generally more convienient...
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    Fix Teenager Skin

    My attempt... Healing brush, a little soft-focus and diffuse-glow effect, and tweaking the hue/saturation a little.
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    focus problems with digital

    The Pentax Optio 555 is an auto-focus camera, so focusing shouldn't be a problem with still objects (I take it you know how to the focus the camera - most digitals etc require a half-press of the shutter release button to focus and take a light-reading, before fully pressing to take the shot)...
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    Please Educate me on Medium format and slide film.

    Also 120 roll film has backing paper, often with frame numbers printed on the rear (which are used with manual film-advance cameras). 220 roll film is un-backed, so you can get more frames on a roll of the same thickness. Seperate film backs or inserts are usually required for use of 120 / 220...
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    soneone help me!

    Is it sharpness your talking about, or the fact the image is somewhat dark? It's hard to tell from a pic of that size how sharp a higher resoloution image would be. Turning off unsharp mask would make your images less sharp - most scanned slides / negs need a certain amount of USM to improve...
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    I'm stumped!!

    This might be better moved to the Photoshop Challenges forum... Thats where people tend to post images they'd like others to touch up / enhance / generally fiddle around with. :thumbup: