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    Nature for CC

    Okay thanks for the tips I guess I wont be makeing any freinds here sorry all my post bothered you and others on here so much no worries wont be no of a bother Ill go somewhere else I didnt realize I got on youre nerves so much my frustration came from youre rudeness,.I wont be posting any further .
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    Nature for CC

    Thanks jackie, though comments and critique will help me more than compliments. Punctuation would also help me understand you. No offense. ;-) Im really sick of peaple with there self higher than thou attitude and I dont nor do I have to put up with it I have stayed with this forum...
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    Long-Tailed Weasel

    aww hes so cute that was a great pic never seen on before cute little face:)
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    Autumn for C&C

    :) I enjoyed the set the first 3 are very pretty you did a great job on the set:)Loved 4:)
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    If only I was a Koala . . . .

    lol thats cute love the title and the pic :)
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    Psychedelic Mushrooms 2

    wow those were amazing very pretty pics,:)
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    Black Cat

    great Idea I like it its neat :)
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    I found this puddy cat in the woods

    beautiful shot and cat love the black and white :)
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    Nature for CC

    I like these we have land I walk myself and a trail from which I do alot of pics I love it and enjoyed youre pics
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    Attempt at capturing a waterfall

    you did a great job for the first try,:)
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    first C&C with my t1i

    4 and 5 are good pics they have a bit of wow to them they all are great for the first time with t1i :)
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    Wife catches husband cheating

    lol busted :)
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    No Goldilocks, just the 3 bears.

    WOW that was a great shot they are beautiful thanks for sharing the pics and info with it:)