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    FS: Nikon D7000 full kit

    That would help, wouldn't it? Listing adjusted, price is $950 plus shipping (I'll take care of the PayPal fee.)
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    FS: Nikon D7000 full kit

    I'm having surgery and I've been selling all of my gear since I won't be able to shoot for several months, and I don't want all my stuff just sitting on the shelf depreciating until mid-2015. I'm down to my last backup camera, and a few other items you'll see listed below. I am selling the kit...
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    One from my Ferrari shoot yesterday

    Love the first shot. It's crisp and very clean and sharp. It's not really a true HDR because you haven't pushed the dynamic range at all beyond what a well exposed single image could produce. Regardless, it's a fantastic image. The "tamer" version you posted isn't nearly as compelling, IMO.
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    Clients defacing images on social media

    So, I take it you weren't being difficult, and in fact really don't know anything about the topic? If so, I offer my apologies. I read your post as being a smarmy sarcastic jab coming from the "how dare you market using the client's likeness and image" section of the photography community that I...
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    Clients defacing images on social media

    I'm going to assume that you know absolutely nothing about copyrights, intellectual property or licensing, and refrain from railing on you for saying something completely idiotic. OP, you should absolutely address this with the client. Diplomatically, of course. If your clients are at all...
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    Shelby Mustang GT500 & SVT Lightning!

    Another solid set, Theo. My faves are #3 and #5. I have no idea how you get such good, sharp exposure on the car with a low sun directly in the shot like that. Perhaps you'd like to share a little of how you shot these?
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    D750 first video from Nikon

    So, basically it's what the D600 should have been, and certainly not what the D400 prophets were hoping for... What a shame. Nikon, you fail again!!!
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    My First Restaurant / Food Photo shoot! C&C please

    IMO, you could really have used a large white reflector opposite your key light. Or, just have a second light to kill the shadows across the whole top of the plate... like John said, if this is your first attempt at food photography, you're going to be fine. These aren't bad at all for a first...
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    listed my dslr on craigslist got an email. how to tell if legit?

    But the money isn't really in hand. It can look like it's sitting in your account, and then the transaction gets voided, sometimes weeks later, and the money goes bye-bye. All types of checks are obviously capable of being forged. The only thing that would even potentially be acceptable is cold...
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    listed my dslr on craigslist got an email. how to tell if legit?

    In every single CL post, I explicitly state: "Dear scammer a$$holes, please note that I will never, ever, under any circumstances, ship this item. I don't care if you're U.S. military stationed overseas. I don't care if you're buying it for your brother who lives in London. And if you're a...
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    listed my dslr on craigslist got an email. how to tell if legit?

    Meet in person ALWAYS. Deal in cash or bank issued check only (while sitting in lobby of said bank.) Carry a counterfeit detector pen. You're welcome.
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    M+K Married at one of my most favorite venues ever.

    Strong set. Love the authentic emotion you caught in many of these. The couple will be thrilled. :thumbup:
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    Sarah + Josh - Dallas engagement set

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I took a break for a few months, mostly because my work wasn't where I wanted it to be and I didn't have the time to invest to make it better. This is the first E-sesh since I started taking wedding clients again. Hopefully, the upcoming shoots will...
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    FS: Nikon D4 (like new) with XQD card and reader

    Gosh. How did I miss that? :er: $4200 net to me.
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    Sarah + Josh - Dallas engagement set

    Thanks for the kind words everybody. This couple is super cool, and I am stoked to shoot their wedding Oct 17. I'll be sure to post more after then, and maybe post a few bridals as well. Ron, You're correct, it's the same dress. #16 is a rescue, and a real stretch on the exposure. It was...