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    Getting the best out of what you have - C&C please

    Nice shots, personally I don't think the grain isn't too much of a problem as the dynamic range has been largely retained. On saying that it would be nice to see whats these look like after being run through something like dfine or similar noise reduction software
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    Needing a little direction regarding birds in flight.

    Some good points about focus in this article Nikon Autofocus
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    What Payment Methods do you accept ?

    Wow, $40 millon revenue, is duck hunting that big across the pond ?
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    What Payment Methods do you accept ?

    Goes off to google duck dynasty...
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    What Payment Methods do you accept ?

    What Payment Methods do you accept, which do you prefer and which method do your customers use most commonly.
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    Nikon sb600 red focusing panel

    I have an sb600 which I dropped and smashed the front focusing panel. Does anybody know where to get one of these in the UK ?
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    Star Trails CC and seeking advice for tonight's attempt

    With regard to safe exposure times, I would imagine its 'safe' to push it to maximum video length times (20/30 min on d600 ?)
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    Pick A Photo, Please, Because I Can't!

    Stinky 2 without a shadow of doubt
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    My Daughter

    As per previous hello post. Just getting back into the swing of things. Here is one of my lovely(most of the time) little daughter.
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    Hello, Again !

    Hello once again. The last time i posted here was a few years ago back when i was a student, i was young, foolish, naive and often strongly opinionated. I rushed out of university and straight into an attempt to run my own photography business, the work was always of a good standard but i failed...
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    Mac or Windows?

    its not that i like macs, its just i dont like windows
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    favorite photograph and why...

    ever seen the non-cropped version of this ? its very interesting to see how cropping an image changes the message so much as far as favorite image is concerned this on from bob carlos...
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    80MP can you imagine....

    here is an image from it. taken at iso100