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    First photos for C&C please

    I'd frame #1
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    My Z at the lake

    Just my suggestion; try that same shot at sunset.
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    ***Fight Club*** Round 7 today, 2:00EST

    3) I found this in my house, I'm not quite sure why I own it Looks like an ornament. Thats the leg lamp from 'A Christmas Story'.
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    FS Canon Rebel XT-EXCELLENT condition EXTRAS

    A friend of mine is wanting wanting to get into photography, im going to try to convince him to buy it. How much would shipping be?
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    Canon 50mm MK1

    Well i def. don't mind saving a little money. Even if i buy the 1.8 and find out its not for me, i'm only out $85.
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    Canon 50mm MK1

    Wow! $45 isn't bad at all. The one i was looking at on amazon was $150+. Either way i'm going to get one or the other, i just can't decide on the new or the old.
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    Canon 50mm MK1

    I was just wondering if anyone has this lense in particular. I've been talking about getting the 50mm 1.8 for some time now, but im starting to second guess myself on the mark 1 or the mark II. The mark 1 is a little bit more expensive than the mark II and apparently is more durable than the...
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    Please Help with a Christmas List

    Just make sure that the memory card you get is bigger than 2gb, because shooting RAW images will take up ALOT of space on your card.
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    Sensor Cleaning

    I've seen the blowe bulb in kits before, but i haven't seen the sensor brush you are talking about. You're right it is pretty pricey. Im sure all i will need to do is dry clean it, the camera itself has never without a lens outside. Just straight out the box and i slapped the lens on her.
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    noob's pics! (cars)

    Welcome to the forum neighbor. I saw the first two pics and i was like "man that looks just like the OS/Bilx. bridge." Anyway, good looking pics.
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    Sensor Cleaning

    Sounds like she came out on top on that one. I'm gonna need something fool proof, thanks. I think i might give it a shot for myself, if it seems to tough i will probably get it done professionally.
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    Lens Hood

    I think that it would definately be safe to have them just in case, for sure.
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    Sensor Cleaning

    I don't have the luxury of just bringing my cmaera to a photography store and was just wondering just how hard cleaning a sensor is. I haven't taken off my lens since i bought it, which has been about 9 months. Even though i haven't been switching back and forth from lens to lens i can still see...
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    Lens Hood

    Couldn't have said it better, makes perfect since.
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    Lens Hood

    So i've become to realized.