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    Large Format Photography - Where do I Start?

    borrow, rent or find a local who might mentor you and introduce you to the equipment. $700 can find you a decent 4x5 setup, but not a practical 8x10 setup. 4x5 development is the same as 8x10, no difference other than size. Its going to come down to what works for you, I skipped MF went to 4x5...
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    Question about fiber based paper

    Dry them face down on clean drying screens, after they are dry, try pressing under a heavy stack of books. you could try the iron thing with the print between 2 sheets of of bristol board, but they won't be nice and flat as on a press and will take a while to do. Or you could bring them to...
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    noob question

    With the exception of developing film by inspection, where after 1/2 to 2/3 development is complete you may inspect the film by very low light, most often green, for a few seconds. A process primarily used for sheet film. A green light is used not because the film is least sensative to it, but...
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    Developing 8x10 B&W negatives

    First, I have processed thousands, let me repeat that for you, thousands of 8x10 and 12x20 negatives and the advice I gave is based on that experience and the fact I was mentored by two well respected and accomplished contemporary photographers, who knew and photographed with many members of the...
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    Koni Omega Rapid

    Overall these are great cameras and the glass is top notch, I use to have a complete outfit with all the goodies before I moved on to LF. Yes, the seals for the backs breakdown over time, but they are easily replaced. Just be sure to ask the condition of the range finding mechanism and that...
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    Processing old film

    DK-50 works well in controlling fog on its own. Or, you can add some benzotriazole (BZT) or potassium bromide to control the fog. Ideally cutting some test strips would be best to find out what extent the fog exists. Process normally, I would be hesitant to try anything that would increase...
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    Microphen vs. DD-X

    Reading the fact sheets on Illford's website should shed some light for you. Whether or not they are the "same" developer in different forms, only Illford will know for now. If I had to guess, in order to retain the keeping properties of the liquid form, there are some alterations to the...
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    Scanner recommendations?

    A while back I was hunting for a scanner to do a huge job of scanning old family slides, and at that time I was looking at the Epson and Microtek scanners. Microtek is gone now, and the Epson's are a great choice as mentioned above. But, I didn't make my purchase until recently and ended up...
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    Safelight problem?

    Yup, thats it, I must have clicked on the wrong link!
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    Latest Film Ruined, Was it Me or Them?

    Can you post a scan of the negatives? You said they are dark, this would indicate over exposure, not under.
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    Safelight problem?

    It looks nothing like the one you linked to. Search for Thomas Safelight on eBay. Make sure the bulb is in good working order, that is the most expensive part on these. They run around $75-100 for a good used one. With a Thomas you can see everything you are doing, its almost like working...
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    Safelight problem?

    Pick up a Thomas safelight, it makes darkroom work a joy!
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    Disturbance on developed film

    Since we have not heard back from the OP if the problem has been fixed, the issue can be from a number of things as can be gathered from the responses. As the OP stated, Old Camera, dark fields leading into the Negatives. Both strong indications of light leaks. Other options: Bromide Drag...
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    Print Storage - Safety?

    Buffered tissue between the prints stored in an archival box. If they are to be mounted, ArtCare brand mount board is the best available, not only is it an acid free board, but actively protects against environmental pollutants, no other board that I am aware of has this level of protection.
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    Print Storage - Safety?

    Absolutely do not do that for long term archival storage, they will and can stick together. If these negatives are truly valuable to you forget the plastic stuff and get buffered paper sleeves or envelopes to store your negatives and then put those in a buffered archival box, then store them in...