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    mud shake

    Love this shot, awesome!:thumbup:
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    Christmas tradition

    I agree, nice shot.
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    YOU and YOUR camera!

    Taken by my 4 year old from her playset perch!
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    Night Shot - Happy New Year

    Love the shot, like both versions.
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    Skimboarders [Destin, FL]

    Amazing shots, just awesome.
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    Find my stitching. My first panorama...Downtown Richmond.

    I try to avoid 85 as much as I can, it's nuts! I have the panoramic of Richmond at twilight taken by James Blakeway that my wife got framed for me this Christmas. I really want to come up and get some shots myself, Richmond really means alot to me. Thanks for sharing.
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    my dog

    Nice shot and cute pup!
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    Carolina Sunset...

    Thanks man. By the way thanks for the advice, always appreciated, I'm still trying to learn.:D
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    Find my stitching. My first panorama...Downtown Richmond.

    Great shot, I grew up in Richmond, my home away from home.
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    Carolina Sunset...

    Houses, in fact if you look closely at 1 and 3 you can see the roof tops. Tough place to shoot, in my front yard, but the sky was just amazing and I had to capture it. Thanks for the comment.
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    Carolina Sunset...

    What about the trees unsettles you? A little confused by your comments. I do agree with you on number 3 though. Maybe its me but I don't see much noise in the skies, maybe a little in number 2? This was taken in my front yard and I'm not sure I could have placed the trees any better, other then...
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    Photographers around us

    My 4 year old shot these of me the other day from her fort in her playset.
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    Auto Graveyard

    That's a sad photo for me...geez how could someone let that car go??! Anyway great shots, I like them.
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    45th Wedding Anniversary

    2 and 4 are fantastic, nice work.
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    Freaked me Out that's crazy. Sorry about your loss.