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    Should I upgrade?

    I have a couple dozen Nikon lenses. When I need flexibility I grab the 70-300 and a prime, usually my f1.4 35mm , but if I was starting out a 50mm. As you learn, you may move towards prime lenses... They are sharper and make you work on composition. A prime makes you move closer... This is...
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    Nikon doesnt improve ? (Rant)

    If you are using Aperture priority and the speed is going too low, you can increase the ISO. I shoot in the forest all the time and get light bound... Sometimes I have auto ISO set, sometimes not. I try and shoot the lowest ISO I can. Helps me. JD
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    advice needed for photographing trapeze artists

    Wow, not cutting yourself any slack are you. Note, how the people moving in the photo you provide are blurry? Need a much faster shutter speed. You sure students want to be flashed in the face while practicing? How about rent the newest top-of-the-line Canon and a 200mm F2 prime tele. This will...
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    How big is your....

    I have 8tb on my PC, an 8tb drobo and 8tb of 2tb bare drives with a USB device to mount the 2tbs for backup. Triplicate. I am about to swap my 2tb drives in my PC for 4tb drives... Then do the same in my drobo.JD. That's life and Moore's Law I probably take 10,000 decent photos a year... At...
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    Printing photos at home

    While I don't print often, I have a canon 9000. You can get refilled cartridges for 3 or 4 bucks apiece. So the cost isn't bad. I try to print something each month, so the ink cartridges don't dry out. I have had. Great luck with refilled cartridges. JD
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    Mirrorless camera for street photography

    I do a fair amount of street photography. I use a Leica X2 and a Fuji XE-1. I considered a Leica M... But seriously, no autofocus? No thanks. I would also consider the Sony RX1. Sensor size is important for light gathering... Bigger the better. JD
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    Suggestion for a good laptop

    I do lots of photo processing on the desktop and quite a bit on the laptop. My laptop is a 18" 6core i7 with 12gig Ram and SSD c: drive and 1tb secondary. Works well. 1920 by 1024 ? Screen. Alienware makes one. Not cheap, but great machine. Mine is a Toshiba, they syopped making them I think...
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    longer distance zoom wanted.

    For the first few years I got into photography I was pretty hung up on tele photos and of course for birds and distant critters, that is what you need. Good telephoto glass to rival a normal 50mm lens is going to cost you, like $5k or more. There are lots that are cheaper, but there is a lot of...
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    What are your thought on buying new vs used lens?

    I will buy a used for a fill in size. A refurb for slightly more important. But if it is a really important lens... Like my 35mm f1.4 or 50mm f1.4 I'll get new. I have had good luck with all.
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    50mm aps-c

    I prefer a 35mm on my full frame and a 23mm or there-a-bouts on my APS-c. Unless you are photographing people I find this FOV and DOF to be ideal "normal lenses" for landscape, street, architecture. I hear most pro photographers ( not portrait) also use this. The standard 50mm came from a...
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    Is the sharpness of your photo only as good as your computer monitor?

    I have dual 30" HP monitors at 2560 x 1440 each. My photos vary from ~ 8k by 4k to 3.6k by 2k. For detailed editing I can spread across both monitors. But I am looking forward to getting a 32" 4k monitor later this year. I don't fiddle with the color much. JD
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    Where to buy magnetic tapes?

    Whoa, forget that. Tape backups are really unreliable. I have been managing IT organizations for 30 years... You don't want to go there. Try three external hard drives (like plug in USB that have there own power supply), keep one off site. You can get 2-3 TB drives for ~ $100. Start with one...
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    Safest storage medium?

    5 1/4" floppy disks? Oh, that's right, it would take about 40 of them to store one D800 NEF file... Maybe not. JD Cloud storage is only as safe as the hardware and the bozos who run it. Sorry I have four rotating sets off hard drives with one always stored off site. I trust no one except myself.
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    Need a new computer... specs?

    I have my PCs built at Frys. Get a geek, and a shopping cart. They love doing this, tell them what you are doing, they pick out the pieces and put it together for 50 or 75 bucks. You will save money and have a incredible PC. I would do 8gig ram, i5 or I7 (Lightroom does not support fancy...
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    Canon G15: Please tell me about this and its competition

    Personally I have a Fuji XE-1 for the spot in between my P&S and DSLR. It's image quality and flexibility approach the DSLR, interchangable lenses and really light. Honestly I had to replace my G12 with aLeica X2... Because the small sized sensor on the G12 was very poor at low light and high...