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    My first infrared!!!

    These are very nice, but also try swapping the blue and red channels using Channel Mixer in Photoshop.
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    WOULD ANY be offended????????????

    Yeah I'd be pretty offended but whatever, just put a warning if you're going to post them.
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    does anyone know ho to shoot "ray of light" effectively?

    Clean your sensor bitteraspects!
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    Nikon Mount Sigma 70-200mm and Tokina 300mm f2.8 AT-X AF PRO

    Alright cool, I will definantly be bidding.
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    Announcement from NoteGraphics (&Son!)

    Congrats man.
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    bored? then try this

    Haha I suck.
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    The torn paper along with the negative doesn't make scence to me. I think the torn paper effect alone would look nice.
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    Nikon Mount Sigma 70-200mm and Tokina 300mm f2.8 AT-X AF PRO

    Oh man, I've been looking for a better telephoto for my D2h. About how much are you looking to get for the Sigma 70-200?
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    What temp "destroys" batteries?

    Make sure you're using photo lithium batteries and not regular alkaline.
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    Do you have a local book store? If you do ask the worker where the photography section is and look for books that are for begginers.
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    IR IR IR

    Hmm, I've had no problems setting my white balance to a patch off grass. But yeah, you should correctly expose it.
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    Studio Lights Battery Pack

    A couple months ago I got some Studio lights and I want to use them around town without having to plug them in. I know nothing about the battery packs, so could somebody point me in the direction of some good ones and some cheap ones? Are they universal or brand specific? If they are I'm using...
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    My First Portrait Posted

    Well said.
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    Post your equipment set-up

    Nikon D2h Nikon N90s w/grip Nikon 70-300 Quantaray 19-35 Sigma 15mm Fisheye Nikon SB-600 x 2 Radio Slaves (One Sender, two recievers) Polaroid 600 Impact Studio Lights x 2 Lowepro backpack Lowepro Nova 4 AW shoulder bag (for photojournalism) And too many accessories to list That's about it for...