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    Ink for Epson 1400

    I haven't looked in a while, but Staples and Office Max used to carry them. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Want to learn how to make an image shot in flat light look great?

    Good points Peano. I'll add step-by-step screen shots to my next tutorial, and more details. This was my first tutorial, so feedback like yours is very helpful, thanks. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Want to learn how to make an image shot in flat light look great?

    I just posted Part 2. I talk about setting a black point, adjusting global color and contrast, and show a neat masking selection technique. Head on over and take a look at Have Fun, Jeff
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    Want to learn how to make an image shot in flat light look great?

    If you have photos that were shot in flat light, then this tutorial is for you. I just posted Part 1 of a two part article on how I made adjustments in Bridge and Photoshop to images shot on an overcast day with flat light. After the adjustments, colors are vivid, there's contrast, and the...
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    Hanging a show on a budget. Tips on how to save.

    I get all of my framing supplies from Frames By Mail - Your source for picture frames. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Inventory Question....

    I created an Excel spreadsheet to track my prints and gallery sales. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Download My Shutterbug Magazine Article

    Hi Everyone, If you didn't get a chance to read my article that was in Shutterbug magazine, you can download a PDF of the complete article at Jeff Colburn - Fine Art Prints of Arizona - Websites: Best Practices; Marketing, Presentation and Clients. It has great information on how to improve...
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    Formatted Important Photographs On My Card

    I have Sandisk cards, and I've had good luck with RescuePro. There's also free software you can download. Google for it, or check at Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET. Have Fun, Jeff
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    2 Questions please...

    To keep your camera steady at slow shutter speeds, check into a monopod. Many indoor venues won't let you use a tripod, so the monopod is your best option. It seems you've done all you can do with your equipment to achieve a high shutter speed. A couple of tricks to freeze movement is to shoot...
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    Improve your website

    My pleasure Jesllo. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Improve your website

    Your welcome Tirediron. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Improve your website

    You're welcome Tim. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Improve your website

    Glad I could help JLEphoto. Have Fun, Jeff
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    Tornados in Flagstaff, Arizona

    Earlier this month a series of tornadoes hit Flagstaff, Arizona, and the surrounding area. You probably saw the damaged homes on the news. The eight tornadoes rated between EF1 and EF3, and created a lot of damage. One of these tornadoes was on the ground for 30 miles. Some of the damage...
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    Grand Canyon, First Light

    Nice shot. Have Fun, Jeff