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    Late Afternoon Shower

    Nice, I always like sunny patches against a stormy sky.
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    Beautiful shot, I would have liked a bit more foreground but I understand sometimes it's just not going to work. I think the only thing missing is a couple of prehistoric beasties. ;)
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    The Landing

    If I didn't know he was landing, I would think he just tipped over, after a hard night of drinking! Awesome shot!
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    Some recent shots.

    Very nice set! The fox looks like it's eyeballing a snack that's just out of it's reach.
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    Some Flyers Caught Not Flying

    If I was a fly, I would be in love, number one is a gorgeous shot! Really like the Hummingbird too. 👍
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    Keeping Them Beautiful

    This is making my neck hurt, I can't help but twist my head when I look at it! 🤣 I am still so jealous of the variety of critters you've got there.
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    Burn, burn, burn, that ring of fire...

    @jeffashman I'll have you know I can't get Jonny Cash out of my head now , thank you! 🤣 I've got a friend who stops at Ghost peppers, I stop at Jalapenos. 🥵
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    Hutchinson's Bank Nature Reserve, New Addington

    The Nettle weevil really looks good. :)
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    Waterworld world June 2021

    The mayfly larva is pretty danged cool! 👍
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    Little ringed Plover

    First shot is awesome!
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    Australian Magpie

    That's no Magpie, it's an Orca bird! :laugh2: Love those markings. :)
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    Kirk, you know I have a weakness for gators, Love it! :encouragement:
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    The Hierarchy

    Yep, chivalry is dead. Great shot. 👍
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    GoT ( my version )

    Likewise, lots of new faces!
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    GoT ( my version )

    Real life has been a bit tedious this last year, and was taking it's toll on me. I thought it might be time to start enjoying some hobby time again. I feel like everyone has improved quite a bit while I was gone. :encouragement: