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    Best Third Party Flash!?

    I have a yn468 I bought from amazon and it was around 70usd. I like it, I'm a noob though, it could be a pos but I wouldn't know. The reviews on amazon were great for it and it does have the e-TTL (I think that's what its called)
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    Anyone ever go through any of the programs at

    There is a deal on groupon in which you can take one of their courses for 40 dollars, 2 for 59 or all four for like 89 I think. The courses are digital photography, Photoshop, adobe flash, and Dreamweaver which o guess is like web development. Has anyone used any of these and are they any good...
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    WTTF: Your Tamron 70-300 AF di vc usd for canon for my Canon 55-250 + Cash!

    Wishful thinking I guess. I will let this thread die, but down the road if anyone comes across this, as long as I haven't updated this thread, I am still open to the trade. Thanks
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    WTTF: Your Tamron 70-300 AF di vc usd for canon for my Canon 55-250 + Cash!

    I am looking to trade my Canon 55-250 + Hoya Filter and tulip lens hood for your Tamron 70-300 di vc USD. I am looking for the new Tamron 70-300, and not the older style one. I am hoping I can upgrade to this Tamron lens even though the Canon is pretty good as it is. I also have a Droid X I...
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    Nice pic. It feels like you're looking over from the passenger seat
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    Question For Retouchers... Shoe Prints on Seamless...

    I would probably use clone stamp seeing as it is all pretty neutral. It would take some time though
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    Cleaning viewfinder?

    Got it. It was actually dust on the mirror. Thanks
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    Cleaning viewfinder?

    I'll try that, thanks
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    Cleaning viewfinder?

    I have a lenspen and a blower. Im not sure a blower will take off mascara or whatever it is but I will be going after it later. I really don't want to have to use a qtip but it seriously bugs me
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    Cleaning viewfinder?

    I do have a lens pen. I didn't think even the round, not brush end, would fit in there, though I didn't try. I did however try the brush with no success. I guess I will have to order some small qtip like lens cleaners and some solution. I think its the gfs makeup. I went after it with a...
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    Cleaning viewfinder?

    I have developed about 6 spots on my viewfinder. They are really annoying to me. I assume they are makeup from my gf but I an having trouble removing them. I really don't want to scratch the viewfinder trying to clean it with a qtip or something and I don't have any lens cleaner. Any ideas?
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    Should I get the spyder2pro?

    Maybe a donation is in order. That is one impressive piece of freeware I must say