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    Please help me recomend a point and shoot

    for taking the time to answer my question. Both cameras seem as though they would meet the needs of the shelters. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120 Digital Camera does have a much higher ISO (3200 vs 1600) which would most likely help in the very low light situations. Both have similar max...
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    Please help me recomend a point and shoot

    I have been helping local animal shelters take better photos of their pets to increase adoptions. I was asked recently by a state organization to give a workshop, and during the workshop many of these shelters seemed to have camera problems. They have junky point and shoots that are not suited...
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    Portraits of my wife

    Very nice :) Were your negatives thin? They look a bit flat to me, but that could be from the scanning. Was that black strip from when you scanned it or is it on your actual image?
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    My last month's contest submissin. C&C appreciated.

    Very nice job. I'm not too crazy about the shadow across his face, but nbd. Great image.
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    Outdoor lighting - CC

    I love the last two :) Great job I'm not so crazy about the first one's crop.
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    Mandi & JR - October 11th wedding

    I love them all :) The cake came out beautifully, you really portrayed the colors. My only suggestion is in the last image of them dancing, I would darken her hand a bit on top.When i first glanced at it i though he was making a grab at her because her hand blends in with the dress.
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    Maternity photo ideas?

    does she have the baby's name picked out? I like writing the baby's name on the belly :)
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    Sisters - Jenna & Stephanie

    really nice photos! They came out great :) My only suggestion would be be careful the hair doesn't get lost in the background... somthing I'm struggling with right now
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    Roy & Alex - romantic couple

    i love the image, i only wish her feet weren't quite so... in your face. but i also really don't like feet, so don't take it personally ;)
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    What am I doing wrong when I save?

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. What process do you follow when saving an image? I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3. I'm trying to figure it out but uggh. When I upload my images they become desaturated and flat. I am saving them at the highest image quality I can. TIA!
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    Taking a bite on that canon... c/c pls.

    I love it :) Send it to Canon. Maybe they'll give you somthing sweet!
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    lol that must have been some sweet pot. I'd play with it a little, make it even trippier ;)
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    Fall pics (kids)

    Great job :) I really enjoy number 1. Those serious kids are tough. My neice is the same way, but hey you have to portray them how they are you know? #3 honestly doesn't thrill me. I think it's the angle the picture was taken at... Did you take while you were standing? I always say my knees...
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    "Guitar for Hire"

    These are all wonderful, but number 1 is my favorite, with 6 at a close second.
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    Hey studio gurus... what would you do (Help!)

    Sigh... I know.. this is kind of why I'm pulling my hair out... Ah yes, I should have explained that also. The room is actually not too bad. There is no natural light what so ever. I cannot move the shoot outside, because 1. we can't risk the weather, and 2. I'm going to have to work with...