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    i love the first photo, everything is in such sharp focus! Cool looking caterpillar and i like the curve of the plant lol. Number two is odd looking! I've never saw a caterpillar like that before.. I enjoy your pictures :thumbup:
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    Newbie to photography...any advice C&C please

    I read above that you sharpened your first image, one thing i've learned (which I'm completely a noob lol) is when you take pictures of women it's usually a good idea to soften the image to make their skin look smooth. If you sharpen the image it will emphasize any blemishes.. which fortunately...
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    Wild black snake. C&C please!

    gorgeous :) I love how pretty all the colors are in the picture and the snake is positioned perfectly with the focus right on his head. :thumbup:
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    Thank you, Mishele! flower picture influence...

    i definately like the photo on the right :) The white part of the flower is much brighter and vibrant. The flower is in great focus and there's no distractions from the plants in the background. I like how you are comparing what you used to do to what you are doing. Great way to learn :)
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    Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo)

    amazing..... i love the eyes.
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    My resident House spider

    how scary!!! lol makes my hair stand up on my arms hahaha but awesome shot!!! He looks like a big mean spider =P
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    Minneapolis night shots

    i am in love with #3!!!! i like how creepy #1 is lol and #4 is sooo crisp looking. great job :thumbup:
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    Some randoms CC welcome

    u did a good job with these pics ;)
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    For sale, old home well used. Exterior faded, spacious interior. C&C Welcome

    i like the purple tint of #2 even if it wasn't intentional lol :lol:
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    Hot peppers

    that's pretty sweet, who would've thought about taking a picture of that? Very creative!
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    Great Horned Owl & Chicks

    the babies are so goofy looking :lol: Funny lil birds! Ur pics are really nice though, the full grown owl is gorgeous
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    Wet caterpillar!

    These photos are amazing!!!!!!!!!! I love the water droplets on the catepillar :)
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    3 Floral Photos for C&C Please!

    i love the colors of #3!! I think u will do just fine at ur wedding shoot =D
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    Recent Shot, C&C welcome

    this is a photo, no need to start an argument and cut each other down...... anyways, I think the original photo was just fine, i just think cropping each side equally & making the phone booths not so red would suffice. ;)
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    My Tamron went to the beach

    soooo gorgeous!!