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    few more candid shots @ the park

    I'm new to photography and don't really know how to follow all the rules of photography. If you can give me some pointers then I would gladly take them.
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    few more candid shots @ the park

    I am using AF S and AF C.
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    few more candid shots @ the park

    I'm almost sure that I did press the shutter half way, wait for the beep then I shoot. Am I doing it wrong?
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    few more candid shots @ the park

    ok, I have wb on auto, could it be post processing that ruined the wb? Yes he is my child (jeff jr). How do I make sure i'm focused on the subject with my Nikon D7000, I hear the beep? I am on Continues focus. Thanks for the feedback.
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    few more candid shots @ the park

    CC always welcome! -Jeff
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    My 2 year old son

    Thank you.. I will take those tips
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    BestBuy Back Order Wait Times for the D7000

    Just for future reference, don't order electronics through best buy. They are horrible at giving info about products ordered on their site. Every single employee give different answers.
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    first cover shoot

    Yea, I just used my onboard flash nothing fancy. I'm new at photography so I don't have any fancy equipment yet. I didn't center the shot because he was going to use the dead space to put wordings or what not. He was just sitting down on a chair and gave me his normal mug. I'm new at this so...
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    first cover shoot

    Hey guys, I was asked to shoot for a cover for an upcoming event. What do you guys think?
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    My 2 year old son

    Please, let me know what you guys think and tell me what I can do to improve my shots and editing as well. thanks, Jeff
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    Forgot how awesome the Nifty-Fifty really is! C&C

    so true.. great shots regardless
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    One from the Wedding

    lol funny pic but nice..
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    My daughter understands proper composition and lighting.....

    nice shots.. what were you're settings at that time if you remember?
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    Not sure what editing software to get.

    I use Lightroom. Give that software a shot.
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    Hi, from San Ramon Ca

    Hi everyone! I'm Jeff from San Ramon, California. I started to get serious with photography just recently. I have a Nikon D7000, 18-105mm VR kit lens & I'm picking up the Nikon 35mm afs lense tomorrow. Looking forward to learning a lot on the site and hopefully meet some of you folks in the area.