Jim Walczak

For those who haven't read my posts, I am an artist and I tend to be a rather unconventional artist at that. My chosen medium is the "digital realm"...I have worked with raster based programs such as Photoshop since the early 90's and I'm also well versed with vectors, 3D modeling & animation and to a smaller degree, video production. I'm also a working musician with over 30 years of experience both on stage and in the studio. And yes, I do have some background as a writer as well...expect many of my posts, comments and threads to get (ahem) a little long winded on occasion.

As a photographer, I do in fact have a great respect for photojournalism, as my father worked for a major Cleveland newspaper for over 40 years, however that's simply NOT what I do. Again I am an artist, and my approach and philosophies are from the artistic point of view. I am a strong believer in that GOOD photography is about the image...a good understanding of the elements of composition are, to me, far more important than the subtle nuances of the camera gear itself. I view camera equipment as tools of my trade, much like my mouse, monitor(s), printer(s), etc...in other words as I so often say, it's NOT about the camera, it's about the person using it. A good photographer can indeed create great images using only humble equipment, however the most expensive gear in the world will never make up for the skills (or lack there of) with a bad photographer.

That said, for the gear junkies out there, while I grew up with and still own my old Canon FTb 35mm (and various lenses), I currently shoot all digital, using a Nikon D90 and D7000 with an assortment of lenses (I'm especially a BIG fan of Tamron...proof that a sharp lens doesn't have to be outrageously priced!). I do process all my own images using the likes of Adobe Camera RAW & Photoshop, however I'm pretty well versed with most modern image editing software including Coral, Gimp and others.

With that all said, if you wish to know more about me, the BEST way is to simply view my work. While I do have a rather substantial collection of my photography on Facebook, my online portfolio can currently be viewed at The Online Portfolio of James T. Walczak - Main Index (be patient, it's a slow server) and much of my video work, including animations (including a fair number of demo reels based on the work of Leonardo da Vinci) can be found on my Youtube channel, WalczakPhoto.
Lorain, Ohio
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Freelance Graphics, Photography & Musician


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