I'm just a digital artist wanting to create and put out content for people to enjoy!

I'm on this forum to research and learn photography! It's a personal interest as well as a personal project to write and learn about photography.
This project is about writing and making an art magazine to help and educate beginners and non-artists! The magazine will feature 4 sections of different art for different artists.
Despite that, it could flop and get barely any attention, the experience of learning and creating resources that could help maybe even one person is all I want to accomplish.
Learning photography itself has been an awesome experience and I cannot wait to share what I learn with everyone else!

I will not tolerate anyone who sticks a jab at what I am trying to do.
Although I may be out of my league with this project, that does not mean I cannot learn and try.

I am a young adult, a noob and possibly a little ignorant, but I work hard and put in effort in everything that I do! I am very open-minded, I understand critic's and opinions. I do not get offended easily if critics are harsh and blunt (just how reality is!)
I would appreciate any kind of help!
Photography is a very in-depth kind of art, and I want to understand it personally!
Feb 18, 1997 (Age: 24)
Houston, Texas, United States
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