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    Some Shots for C and C

    Thanks for the C and C, everyone. I see I need to work on white balance. There's something about the oddly artificial look that the goofy white balance gives some of the images that I like. Thanks again!
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    Some Shots for C and C

    Hello, all. Below are some shots taken with my Pentax SLR and edited in GIMP. Advice is appreciated!
  3. Lemonade Stand

    Lemonade Stand

  4. Lake Post

    Lake Post

  5. Church


  6. Highway Movie Theater

    Highway Movie Theater

  7. Barn One

    Barn One

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    D70s and lens Purchase

    You guys are so much smarter than me about all this! I look forward to learning. I am buying it through a CraigsList ad, and I am meeting the seller in person. So I can look it over before money is exchanged. I plan on having him show me how to take a few shots with it to make sure it works...
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    D70s and lens Purchase

    Thanks, Joel_W. I have made a $250 counter-offer. So we'll see.
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    D70s and lens Purchase

    Thanks, digital flower. I don't know quite yet the difference between a 18-70mm lens and the 18-55mm lens that the package is coming with. Will the 18-55mm handle basic newbie photo situations?
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    D70s and lens Purchase

    Hello, everyone. I'd appreciate some help. I have a chance to purchase a used but nice condition Nikon D70s and a Nikon AFS 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 ED-II lens. The asking price right now is $285. From what I gather, the D70s is a capable starter camera, which is what I am looking for. But, though...
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    Keeping babies from falling over when shooting...

    I just saw the duct tape joke, but literally, when mine were wee, the photographer used duct tape. Not on the kids' skin, mind you, but a little on the back and a little on the bottom. Worked wonders.
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    John Deere Museum

    Here's a little series I took at the John Deere Museum. There's a lot of green! I am very much the beginner, so please feel welcome to comment. Taken with my Pentax K1000, developed by the local big box mart, Photoshopped a small bit (cropping and balancing) by me. Thanks for looking...
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    A stroll through my favorite cemetary. . . . I took the shot with my Pentax K1000 and had the film developed at my local Big Box Mart. Unfortunately, my camera settings are lost to the ether. I cropped the original--making it skinnier, and trying to move the leaf from the center to...
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    Parade Prep Two

    From Wikipedia: "A snapshot is a casual photograph taken without any particular pre-arrangement, often of everyday events or sightseeing excursions. Snapshots are often imperfect or considered amateurish and may be out of focus or poorly framed or composed." At this point, I think most of...