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    I recently had the pleasure of walking Paris as a flaneur. The images were taken on a Kershaw King Penguin medium format fold out camera from 1951.
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    UK Photo Rights... and a good blog.

    Thanks for posting that! It cleared a lot of things up.
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    Taking photos in rough neighborhoods

    I once nearly got mugged with $4000+ worth of equipment on me, luckily the guy was drunk so he went down like a sack of potatoes haha, but the best advice would be to definitely always keep your equipment insured, and never put yourself at risk over your camera. :)
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    Tim Page - Leica 21mm

    Woooow! Tim Page is one of my idols in photography, there must be some strange coincidence, my name is Joe Page and I'm also from Tunbridge Wells!
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    Easter Eggs

    :lol: Someone beat me to it
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    Building Destruction

    Very nice image! But personally I don't like the boarder, makes the whole image look too overly soft and processed. Love the detail on the metal roofing <3
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    Warring hobbies

    Says it's currently unavailable. :(
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    365 Days of Love

    How did you go about getting the lighting effect you have in the very first set you posted? Cool idea!
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    Concert pictures

    Nice set! Number 4 is definitely my favorite, the lighting is great.
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    Studio fashion shots

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    San Francisco

    Numbers 1 and 3 are my favorites! Nice set :)
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    Abu Dhabi Cornish

    Composition of number 2 is very nice, however I think that the set slightly lacks tones, maybe if you tried it when the lighting was less grey and murky you might get some harsher contrasts.
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    Cracks in the Sky

    Very nice! I I like the way it looks like the trees meet in the middle.
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    Town Clock

    Has the DoF in the colour version been enhanced with Photoshop? Looks slightly fuzzy around the edges of the clock.
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    Studio fashion shots

    I had a fashion project at college, and I also had an interview coming up with a university that like to see slightly unorthodox images. I gave it a go, but please tell me what you think of these three images, thankyou! 1) 2) 3) Thanks for any input! :D