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    FS- 85mm 1.8 + Kenko Pro DG 1.4 TC (CAN)

    Items Pending on payment
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    FS- 85mm 1.8 + Kenko Pro DG 1.4 TC (CAN)

    Price lowered to $300 available to US as well. Price for both $350CAD shipped and paypalled
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    FS- 85mm 1.8 + Kenko Pro DG 1.4 TC (CAN)

    sample pics with the 85mm
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    FS- 85mm 1.8 + Kenko Pro DG 1.4 TC (CAN)

    As much as I hate to part with this lens I'm putting it up for sale due to some financial issues. I'm the second owner, lens is still in Mint condition with rubber lens hood, there are some slight scratch marks on the inner rim of the lens hood but other than that the glass is clean and a sharp...
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    Flight of the Heron

    Thanks Lafoto your comments are always encouraging :) Thanks guys, I think on the other shots I should have used a wider DOF but oh well, I know for next time.
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    Flight of the Heron

    I've been taking quite a few pics of this Great Blue Heron that's feeds near my work place and I have tons of the usual I made it a point to try to fill my card with flight shots and came out with some that I was satisfied with. I was quite surprised how patient he was with me even...
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    After those evil penguins...

    ha..ha...nice pics, the second one is comical.
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    Formidable Hunters

    wow, always cool to learn about the subjects we take pictures of. So many great portrait shots.
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    My Father's Flowers

    I guess it get's that way sometimes.....nice shots nevertheless, lovely colours.
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    Osprey bringing home dinner

    Cheers Heck! probably wondering what the hell I'm doing pointing my lens at her :)
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    Osprey bringing home dinner

    I've posted a couple times about these Osprey's that continue to nest in this baseball field and I thought I would go visit them today after work. This is one raptor that I know will always be there when I'm in a "wildlife" slump. It was a nice day but found it challenging to shoot against the...
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    Grizzly Bear Sow and 3 Cubs

    wow what an opportunity, great job on the photos and taking advantage of the moment.
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    A little in your face

    now that's detail, either way! what lens did you use for this?
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    Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

    beautiful pics...2 and 5 take the cake!