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    CD's and their alternative use.

    here's one that I did a few years ago
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    CD's and their alternative use.

    Very nice, LaFoto! I see the ones I posted a long time ago are now gone for some reason... they are still alive on my website however, here.
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    My new job and new gear

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    Rainy Day in a Coffee Shop

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    Night Shots of cars on the freeway

    very nice. looks like california?
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    Light Trails: Long Exposure in Minneapolis

    number 1 is very good
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    christmas break photos

    thanks guys :-)
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    christmas break photos

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    christmas break photos

    i'm bored so i'll post a smattering of pictures i've taken in the past few days... first try at bird photography...pretty difficult as you can see this was my brother's idea, and i'm still not sure about it... another one of these artsy/generic typs ;-)
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    Fall colors

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    My new Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM Gallery

    I was using a 10D for those shots I think. A canon anyways. Yes, there is some distortion obviously, its much more noticeable when straight lines are involved, but I personally like it, and it works great for landscapes and stuff. Maybe i'll do some careful photos to measure sharpness or...
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    My new Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM Gallery

    Hey friends, i got this lens a week ago, and have been taking some fun pictures with it. Sure, its got a lot of distortion at the edges, but I'm not picky, and i'm just taking goofy and fun pictures with it, so its all good. Here is the link to the whole gallery if you want to check it out -...
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    My new job and new gear

    Hello lovers, I have been absent for a while because i've been moving into a new house and we dont have internet yet and blah blah blah. BUT the good news is that i've started my job working for my school's newspaper, and i have lots of fun new equipment to use :-) I'm going to be using a Canon...
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    Bad weather + Sepia

    incredible lightning shots!