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    Beattie Coleman Portronic Camera

    Hello folks. Was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is worth anything or just a trip to the dump. From what I can tell, I think it's a Beattie Coleman portronic camera. It has a f/4.5 182 mm lens. It belonged to a neighbors husband who died several years ago. He was a photographer...
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    Noob ? RE: Printing

    I typically use WHCC or Mpix for my stuff and both seem to deliver consistent quality prints. A while back I looked at what the cost would be to do printing myself, and for me the obvious choice was to use an online service rather than trying to do it myself. I have found it to be quite cost...
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    I won, I won, I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    congratulations. Curious though, how do you get three second place entries? Different categories I assume?
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    Re-inventing reality with an i-Phone

    Ran across this on Distractify and thought others here may enjoy it This French Photographer Uses His iPhone To Invent His Own Reality
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    Golden Gate Bridge.

    Not your traditional point of view for that location so kudos for thinking outside the box. I think I prefer the more traditional landscape spanning bridge orientation though. Do you have any others? I was in Ca last summer but too far away to make it to there.
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    Captain America!

    Here's a couple of shots I took of my nephew a while back on his birthday. He received a bunch of Captain America stuff which is his favorite character. I thought it made a nice b/w even though the background is a bit busier that I would've liked. It just started out as a quick snap shot but...
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    I like the edit. It opens the back of the house more which was needed.
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    Play Ball

    That's weird. It comes up fine for me but photobucket was having a heck of a time earlier? Maybe they're still havin issues. Anyone else see it?
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    Play Ball

    Here's a shot from last Sunday's Indians / Whitesox game. I had pretty good seats, but unfortunately, the safety net interfered a bit with this shot. Thoughts?
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    I had another go at the editing of this image to try and correct the lens distortion. What do you think of this? I also have a color version if you'd like to look here:
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Here's a color version of an image that I've been working on of the Marblehead lighthouse in Ohio. Comments and critique are appreciated. A b/w version is here for comparison:
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Mandolin, it's a very picturesque site and would be a wonderful area to call home. It was a great week indeed. Temps in the 70's all week and no humidity. Saw a decent Indians game while in the area as well. I also visited the Vermillion lighthouse. Very quaint little town but I couldn't...
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Thanks Timor. I have a few others that I haven't edited yet, but I didn't take one along the fence. Would've been a good idea in retrospect. It took a while to have it absent of people and I just shot what I could.
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    Marblehead Lighthouse

    Thanks deeky. I spent quite a while trying to remove the distortion but couldn't get further than this. I agree it's still pretty noticeable but started out really bad with a 10 mm focal length. It's also been a while since I've opened photoshop so I've forgotten some of those skills as well...