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    Marketing Fun

    If you wish to keep your text, you could also put an overlay like you did with the title on top and the bottom. It remove some of the details, but if you judge the text is giving important information that you need to pass along, it's a sacrifice that needs to be made. also, now I find the top...
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    Happy Halloween From Lily to You!!

    I've got only one thing to say : Dawwwwwwww'
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    Rob and McKenna

    That's some character he got right there. I love the second shot, he got some serious character right there. Posing, angle of view, focus, everything is spot on. For the first however, her expression just doesn't feel right for me, feel like she's trying too hard? That's the feeling I get...
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    The Completely **BORING** Thread

    You sir, win.
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    The Completely **BORING** Thread

    Do you wanna build a snowmaaaaaaaaaaaaan?
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    The Completely **BORING** Thread

    I open facebook in another tab, there was nothing good so I closed the tab, then reopened facebook again. Then came here to post about it.
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    The completely off-topic thread

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    Kid at heart

    You're welcome, glad you like it =)
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    Kid at heart

    thanks both of you =) @kdthomas It would definitely serve people to ease up a little, lol
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    My Pet Peeve

    My opinion of this is that since we're in an era where literally everyone owning a smartphone is a photographer, the customers have grown accustomed to seeing "bad/okay" pictures and has lowered it's standard for professional imagery as well as a result. How many time do you see those badly...
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    Pimple redux, how did I do?

    Just a tiny heads up, if you do that for a client, you might want to TELL them you're actually going to do it so they don't end up surprised. I learned that the hard way when I started. Also, it's not fake, it's "enhanced" :biggrinangelA: If you do not want to completely remove them, I do not...
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    Soft Focus Wild Purple Aster

    That is Tact.... soft! (Please don't hurt me). You know, I actually like it. It's different from what you normally see and the general texture give it more the impression of a painting than a photograph. Did you added the grain or was it out of camera? Then again, the traditionalist in me...
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    Kid at heart

    A picture snapped from my grandfather having fun with two tiny balloons. He's normally the "serious accountant" type of guy, so it was a very funny moment for everyone. Hope you like it. It was hard framing him because the moment he realized I took a picture he immediately stopped, lol
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    Pretties for You - Another NSFW compostite for C&C

    @Trever1t Forgot to link a source :