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    Looking for photo booth in Chicago

    I am in need of a photobooth (the kind you put your money in and get the 4 picture strip out, just so were all on the same page) for a project I have coming up. I know that there are some in bars, but I need one somewhere else. Does Navy Pier have one? Possibly one down near Millennium Park...
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    Chicago Architecture

    Thanks for all the comments. The towers in #2 are the famous Marina Towers, and i actually have a shot very close to that wilco cover. For some reason I feel like the originals are not as noisy as they are showing up. Anyone else notice compression from photobucket? I wish the pano would...
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    NW Illinois?

    Lincoln square (near lincolnwood) currently. Trying to find a job ANYWHERE though.
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    Lets go for a swim

    Shot on Tmax 400 with illford chemicals
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    IR in the city

    Just some IR images form the last few months. day on the river bean (composed of 13 separate shots, all with 72R and ND8 filter for long exposure)
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    Chicago Architecture

    Been away for a while. Just recently made the move to Chicago, and trying to get my ducks in a row. Wish I would have known Decembers photo challenge...:x Anyway, critique away! IXIXI Insulae blue collar/white collar city
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    Web Hosting - Know Of Any Sites With Templates Available?

    Im going to second There are a ton of good templates on there, and you can almost infinitely modify them to your liking. I have used templates from there on 4 different web pages.
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    another downtown pano shot

    Composed of 5 images (original is 2500x10000 px). It was really windy out on the pier, and my camera was shaking slightly on the tripod (I think its time to get a manfrotto!) (Photobucket is resizing way too small, sorry) 15" @ f18
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    IR bean pano

    Made from 12 shots combined (original size is 2900x7200). There were several parts that just wouldnt go together right. Oh well. 30" @ f22, 72R and 8xND on lens
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    photoshop RAW importing questions

    Just a few random things I have noticed that puzzled me. when I load my RAW files to photoshop, the info at the bottom tells me that I shot a 2000x3000 image, but at 8 bit. I know I can switch it to 16 bit, but if it is shot in only 8 bit, whats the point of switching? Also, when I used...
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    How to get started with Adobe Photoshop

    I got a few books from the Lark series, and they are excellent. The first was Mastering black and white digital photography. I felt as though i knew a great deal about photoshop because I had used it daily for school, and over 2 years for photography. I learned a lot from that book, and it...
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    Does anyone use 3DS MAX? If so, is this possible? & how would I do it? - Thanks

    I have used 3DS before, but am much more proficient with Rhino. 3DS is an extremely complex program, and pretty hard to learn (thats why most places use rhino). I believe that th3e only way to do what you want is to place orthographic views of the apple in each viewport, then model it from...
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    Simple Viewer in Dreamweaver

    Here is the coding for my page ( I use Dreamweaver, sou you should be able to just copy/past this code in, then change the filenames to your liking. HTML: (put this in the header, just before the body) <!-- Hide from old Browsers var width,height var...
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    my B&W view on landscapes

    You have done some great post processing to these. The tones are excellent. I also use that channel technique, and it is one of the easiest ways to get great results. I know there are better ways, but this is surely the quickest.
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    Beach (another sunset shot)

    Shot on the 4th at Glen Haven, MI. Didnt get many pictures out of the weekend, which bummed me out. C&C always welcome.