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    DSLR Backpack recommendations

    Get a big osprey pack and a smaller camera insert. Your back will thank you and you'll have plenty of room for your non-photo gear
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    Is less really more?

    Do people actually get stressed trying to decide which lens to use? Some people really, really overthink things. Get the gear you need and go out and shoot
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    Mat Show Kits

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    Adventure Backpack Opinions

    Hope you don't need a lot of extra room for non-camera gear. I have the whistler 450 and I don't find it has enough room. Plenty of room for camera gear, not much else. I now use a dedicated Osprey hiking pack with the lowepro ICU for my camera gear
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    Anyone Comparison of Nikon 80-400 v 200-500 v Tamron 150-600 ?

    Get the 200-500. I made the mistake of using my buddy's a few times and it's ruined my 150-600 for me
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    DJI Spark?

    It'll be good for consumers. The video quality isn't enough for any real projects and no raw photos? I'll pass.
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    So long, Nikon

    I think you'll really enjoy the Fuji mirrorless system. I know a few full time landscape photographers who moved to Fuji and absolutely love it
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    DOF Vs. Focus Stacking?

    Guess we'll agree to disagree. To me there are no images that I'd ever share SOOC, a raw file requires processing. While I'm not much for over the top processing, I'm certainly no purist. Btw those images do absolutely nothing for me. I've seen ICM images that are great, and of course everyone...
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    DOF Vs. Focus Stacking?

    Gotta disagree with you there. Creativity has had a place in the darkroom (and digital darkroom) since Ansel Adams and before him. Doing things like dodging and burning to shift the viewers eye and enhance light has been a practice for a long time.
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    DOF Vs. Focus Stacking?

    I still maintain that sharpness is extremely important when shooting landscapes. Maybe the "sharpness is overrated" thing is valid for some forms of photography- but the only time I've ever heard it was on message boards, never from other landscape photographers. Can't say I've ever heard it...
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    DOF Vs. Focus Stacking?

    Focus stacking can be tough on windy days, but something like birds flying, which was mentioned above, won't matter at all. Your last frame for the sky will be at infinity anyway, and you'll only be using the last frame for your sky. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but having out of focus...
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    DOF Vs. Focus Stacking?

    I focus stack often because I want tack sharp focus front to back in my scene. Shooting ultra wide (15mm), it's not needed as often because depth of field is quite large at f8-11, but depending on the scene and how close I am to foreground objects I'll still focus stack shooting ultra wide...
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    Aerial Photography?

    I don't do any drone photo/video but my business partner does. Not very competitive in our area because very few people have their commercial certification to operate drones.
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    How to make foreground look more natural (Lightroom)

    It's natural to go overboard with the sliders at first. In general a rule I teach is not to have your foreground brighter than your sky (unless it looked like that in person with sunlight breaking through dark clouds and hitting your foreground)
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    d750 Advice

    Coming from the d90 and a 18-105 you'll probably be quite happy with the 24-120. You can fix the distortion in post (at the sacrifice of some pixels obviously), but I just wasn't impressed overall with the lens which is why I sold it. I tend to be very, very picky with lens quality though...