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    i had this once but it fixed itself. there is an option in the preferences though
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    finally our own site

    we had an adobe made site for a while but now we have a proper one. my missus is very pleased which makes me happy :) (no headaches)
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    Upgrading my 400D

    ive looked at the 40D and just wasnt sure if the difference was enough of an upgrade. obviously the 40D is a better camera but im now maybe thinking i should invest in lenses. i dont have any L prime lenses so maybe this is a way to go
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    Upgrading my 400D

    Hi, im thinking of upgrading my eos 400D as we are getting more and more work in. i will still keep it as a back up but was curious if anyone had any advice on where i should go. im currently looking around £1500 spending. ideally id like to keep it canon so i can use the lenses and 580ex II...
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    The Moon

    Hiya, there was a nice moon out tonight so i thought id have a go at photographing it. i took out some of the light in PS as i think it shows more detail.
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    lightmeter tutorial

    hiya, my fiancee just bought us a Gossen digipro f lightmeter. i dont know the first thing about lightmeters but i wouldnt mind trying it out tomorrow when i take some portrait shots. can anyone explain the basics of what to do with the meter and exactly what its telling me to do with the...
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    MACRO help

    ok cool ill give it a try
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    MACRO help

    Hiya, i just got my new canon 100mm macro lense and a 25mm Extension tube. ive not yet got my ring flash thats coming in a couple of weeks. ive taken a few pics with it and would really appreciate some tips on increasing DOF as i appear to only have a very small area to work with. i understand...
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    Storage of old images

    cool thanks for all the tips guys. ill definately get me an external HDD and just carry on backing up on my dvd's aswell i think.
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    Storage of old images

    Hiya, i had a good clear out of images we dont need anymore ie jobs weve done. as a policy i try and keep work photos for around 12 to 18 months just incase. i did a back up and i am now using up 12 dvd and my image total is around 22,000. can anyone suggest a quicker and easier way of...
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    35mm lenses on digital slr

    My 35mm Eos lense worked on my 350 and 400D however i occasionally find i have to tweak the auto focus with a bit of manual but this may just be a fault with the lense and not the compatability
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    Some more from the party fireworks

    hiya, heres some more fireworks i took from the party i went to. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. If anyone has any tips on a frame type to use once ive cropped these etc please let me know. thanks
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    Muddy field + Heavy wind + fireworks = Angelic Image

    it was a 50th birthday. out of shot is a massive marquee. i left the trees and cars in cause i cropped it to take all that out but it lost all perspective of the actual size of it. i have a couple more ill post when i get home. they also have images in the bursts but not a prominent as this one.
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    Muddy field + Heavy wind + fireworks = Angelic Image

    hiya, this is one of the shots i took this weekend at a 50th birthday party. seeing as they dont have fireworks that Angels or Fairys appear out of im guessing this is wind assisted not that im complaining. :)
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    digital framing

    thanks wish