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    100-year-old photos found in antique camera!

    an interesting picture. through it, we can see another aspect of life in a different era
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    Why you should be a street photographer

    thanks for sharing. in my opinion, when you wander around street, you can find inspiration what you don't know why you come across. it can be an old happy couple that live with each other for a life time. he
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    "Why I Can't Shoot Your Wedding for Free"

    your picture is really beautiful. it's so lively. as a wedding photographer, you are doing such great work
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    Great Interview!

    it's amazing. picture is really night. it's so unique. hehe. thanks for sharing
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    Voting Poll: PotM November 2012

    Orange is really great. i don't know why it has so little vote. i don't think the picture that had most vote is that great
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    Voting Poll: PotM July 2012

    i like the talent show. it's so much better than the runner-up. the color is quite intersting
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    Voting Poll: PotM October 2012

    the little girl is so cute. hehe. no wonder why this picture had the most vote
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    Voting Poll: PotM September 2012

    i like the color much better than the seem to be winning one. i think the use of teh color in this picture is much better
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    Voting Poll: PotM December 2012

    i like water fall the most. so sad that i only know that now. haizz