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    Canon 50D and 18-200mm IS lens kit

    If you're thinking of purchasing the Canon 50D with 18-200mm kit lens. I know, it's a kit lens. But this is going to be my walkaround lens. Anyway, Amazon has the best price deal right now. I could not pass the deal they have. I got the kit for $1,410 including free shipping. You have to add...
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    Ebay Flash Trigger

    Thanks guys for the reply and suggestions. As stated above I've changed both battery in the receiver and transmitter. I've tried several channel configuration and made sure the contact point were good. As stated by Keith "the test button on the transmitter should make the test light on the...
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    Ebay Flash Trigger

    Just purchased a 4 channel ebay flash trigger from someone in hong kong through ebay. Purchased this trigger to play around with while I save for a Pocket Wizard. Anyway, I don't know if it just me but I can't get this damn thing to work. Change the battery, made sure the battery contact point...
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    Bogen Tripod/Head setup

    Thanks guys for the info. Although I will not be using the tripod on any hike. You guys really think that the tripod combo, about 7 lbs, really that heavy? I have a friend who own an old version 3021, replaced by 055, w/3265 grip and I thought it wasn't that heavy. Anyway, this will be use for...
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    Bogen Tripod/Head setup

    Thinking of getting this set. I know the tripod is good but I can't seem to find anyone using the 488rc4. You guys think this will be a good setup? I know there are other that are way better but my budget is under $300. Bogen 055XPROB...
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    FS: Canon 24-70 2.8L LNIB

    I purchased this lens a few months back from B&H and have been contemplating whether to sell it since the pictures i take with it is really nice. I would l really like to keep it but can't afford it since I need to fund another lens. I am selling this to fund a Canon 17-55 2.8 IS. I need...
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    Pocket Wizard

    Thanks for the reply. I've got the swivel holder already but do I still need the hot shoe adapter if i want to use the 580EX II w/PW off camera? So the PW does come with cables and I could just hook it up on the SB-28. Cool... JR
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    Pocket Wizard

    I'm about to purchase a few Pocket Wizard Plus II. I'm goint to be using it with a 580EX II and SB-28. Do I need to purchase anything else to make it work, like cable, etc? I'm mostly going to use PW with the SB-28. TIA, JR
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    AE lock on Canon 40D

    I see, said the blind man. I guess it make sense that it doesn't work in manual. Exactly what you stated Mike what I was trying to do. Thanks guys. JR
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    AE lock on Canon 40D

    Mike, Yes, I know what AE is. Maybe, I'm not explaining it correctly. It's on page 95 of the 40D manual. It's the little asterick button I'm talking about unless you are telling me that that button doesn't work on manual settings. If so, why didn't Canon state that on their manual. JR
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    AE lock on Canon 40D

    When in manual setting, somehow the AE lock button doens't work. It works on all creative shot settings but not manual and it works using FEC. I don't have a second camera, since I've sold it, but I vaguely remember that it worked on my Rebel in manual setting. I haven't had a chance to go the...
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    Calumet Photo has a sale until 8/2 on the 2gb Sandisk II. Buy one get one free for $34.99. Costco is also having an instant rebate on the 2gb Sandisk II for $19.99 until 8/21. ~ junray ~
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    buying used lens at B&H

    I ended up purchasing a Canon 24-70mm 2.8L instead before the rebate deadline. I figure I will need that range more than the 70-200mm since it will be my first L lens. I will mostly use it for portrait and such. By the way, these are just going to be used with my old Digital Rebel. I can't...
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    Do you burn CDs or DVDs?

    DeepSpring is correct. Coming from a video background, DVD-R is more compatible format.
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    Hello, found this site a few weeks ago cause I wanted to know more about photography. Currently I'm a videographer and I been doing it for the last 14 years. I now just shoot for other videographer doing mostly wedding events. Mind you though, that I have always love photography ever since I...