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    M80 Sundogs

    I noticed it around 6pm but I don't know the area that well to have found a good spot to take a photo! Quite cool to see though
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    M80 Sundogs

    Not a fantastic image but all I could do after *ahem* stopping in the hard shoulder of the M80. Not the first time I've seen Sundogs but the first time I've captured them. Been quite some week here, with the northern lights being visible, solar eclipse, now sundogs! M80 Sundogs by Kevin_Pugh...
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    The Soak

    The Soak by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr This part of my hometown usually sees this sort of thing every time there's a strong wind. Good to watch the people walk part getting soaked, but, I have been caught out myself on occasion.
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    A Few 10ND Exposures

    The Slip by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr The Formations by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr Pebble by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr The Hole by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr A few shots from today with the 14mm and a 10ND filter.
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    Glasgow Street Photography

    I feel you Pete, I sort of gave up today! Just wasn't in it! Good days, bad days! Will head out again next weekend, weather permitting!
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    Glasgow Street Photography

    A few shots from today: A Little Pick Me Up by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr (XF35mm F1.4) Going To Need More Balloons by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr (XF 14mm F2.8) What the Fish by Kevin_Pugh, on Flickr (XF14mm F2.8) Taken with the X-E2. Love the 14mm for street, in particular being able to zone focus.
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    Quick Steps

    Quick Steps by pughphotography, on Flickr
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    Valentines Stroll

    The colour of the clouds have not been altered, more saturated perhaps, meaning, bringing out colour that already exists. Nothing wrong with eye candy :) I never stated that the image was an exact representation of the actual scene as when I had taken the image, it wasn't supposed to be a...
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    Valentines Stroll

    I do actually think it is a bit much myself now that I see it on my tablet etc. Windows 8.1 had put the wrong monitor profile in which was messing with my colours a bit. I'll tone it down later a bit more to what I was going for in the first instance!
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    Valentines Stroll

    In your opinion. Depends what you're going for, there's no right or wrong. ;)
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    Valentines Stroll

    Aye it does seem a tad vibrant. I used the Velvia preset that are "built in" to the RAF files when I imported using Camera Raw, but I did +5 or so on the vibrancy & saturation. It does look a bit more vibrant when viewed in its compressed size here in the forum than it does do size in flickr...
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    Recent engagement shoot in Big Bear California

    I like the OOF leaves, it definitely works to the photographer's style of shooting. If they weren't there it would look a bit staged, whereas the leaves imply that the shot was taken candidly, even if it wasn't. I like it.
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    Valentines Stroll

    Noticed this couple taking a romantic walk in Castle Kennedy Gardens (near Stranraer) on valentine's Day. Valentines Stroll by pughphotography, on Flickr
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    Candid/Portrait Rock Scrambling

    An off-the-cuff shot of my better half whilst we were on our way to find Sawney Bean's cave. Rock Scrambling by pughphotography, on Flickr
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    Dennis | Stranger Portrait