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    latest wedding (with new ideas)

    I love the pictures and I like your use of selective colouring. I understand why you chose to create a "fantasy-land" sky and although it isn't my style, I think you've accomplished what you were working for. Nicely done!
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    Flower Shots

    Thank you for the comments/critiques. I agree that #2 has a lot of red, but I loved the roses and I hated to manipulate the plant itself to get a cleaner shot. #3 was not completely focused when taken, so I went soft-focus in my photo-editing. I'll try #4 as a vertical crop. Thanks...
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    Natalie and Josh, Part 1

    I edited the last picture and I think the colouring is more correct, but it still seems flat (even with all of my contrast changes)! So I converted it to B&W and cropped it a bit and I like it so much better!
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    I don't think you're supposed to do that.

    I like #2 and #3, not so sure about the dark ring around #1...way to experiment!
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    Southern France

    The compositions of the photographs are good, but the images seem flat to me. Is your friend shooting digitally? If so, I recommend tweaking the levels in a photo-editing program to add depth. The last picture is my favourite.
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    Flower Shots

    These were taken months ago, when I was still shooting with a basic Canon point-and-shoot. The file sizes are greatly reduced and the colours a little weaker than the full-size photographs. Comments and critiques welcome!
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    I love the movement in this picture! Nicely done!
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    One from yesterday

    I really like this shot a lot! I like the shoes in the corner of the photograph...
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    Some retro/Hollywood glamour shots

    These pictures are great! I love the contrast. My favourites are #2, #3, and #5.
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    First Wedding

    It seems like the pictures have a yellowish tint. I would adjust the levels and colours in your editing program and also use a sharpening tool (such as the Unsharp mask in PSE)
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    I like how the colours appear muted and how the blades of grass frame the subject. Nicely done.
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    August Wedding (10 pics)

    I like #10, #11, and #12. I'm a sucker for black-and-white. But watch your highlights, #10 appears to be a little blown out.
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    more from the weekends shoot

    #2 is my favourite and I also like #5 and #6. Nicely done!
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    my stepbrother's wedding

    I really like #6! In my opinion, #3 is just a little too edited.
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    new maternity shoot

    I like #3 and #5 best. Very nice!