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    Legal Question regarding the rights to my photos

    I participate on another website for motorcycle enthusiasts. A guy on there is asking for people to contribute photos for a project he's working on he included the following disclaimer: "Legal: Anyone submitting photos will be included and by doing so releases all photos for my use on this...
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    Cruz Pedregon @ Gateway International

    Cruz Pedregon at Gateway International, 2009.
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    Red Shoulder Hawk - Advice Please

    This bird sat there so long, I was changing settings like crazy. Some with the aperture really open, some really closed, some in between. I changed between the 55-200mm, my sigma 105mm, even my 50mm. Just couldn't come up with anything that I liked.
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    Red Shoulder Hawk - Advice Please

    This guy was on the endangered list in Illinois until 2003. A few days ago he was in my backyard! Very photogenic, he hung around for over 10 minutes. However I just couldn't manage to take a sharp pic of him. I didn't think my tripod was necessary because it was bright out and I was using...
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    Illinois Buck

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    Illinois Buck

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    Some Deer

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    Warehouse Spider

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    Warehouse Spider

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    Beginners Gallery or Sub-Gallery

    " ... those more experienced who don't wish to interact with those on the lowest level ... " Wow! What a statement! You mean to say experienced photographers wont interact with me because I'm inexperienced? I don't even know how to take this. Talk about the shallowest of the shallow...
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    Guitar cowboy

    I love the blues. I wish I could hear it.
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    Must have lenses for D80

    I hate my 18-55. I almost never take the 50 1.8 off.
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    Beer over ice isn't as bad as it sounds. A friend of mine got me started on it when he came back from Thailand. Over there refrigeration isn't that reliable so they store the beer warm and just pour it over ice. At first I didn't like it too much (watery beer) but I like it better than warm...
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    No Country For Old Men

    I thought "Gone Baby Gone" was a great movie. "No Country..." bored me. Why did the guy on the side of the road let the bad guy put that thing to his head and kill him? I don't know about you, but I'm not about to just stand there and let that guy stick that thing to my head.