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    C&C please. First shot at Family pictures!

    Light, you need more light. That is the primary thing amongst all three photos. They tend to be dark, and very flat. A little flash, and you will not only light up your subjects, but bring them out of the background. Second, as previously mentioned, focus is off, that or you have really soft...
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    More portraits for C&C

    Stronger key lighting would help immensely. You really need to make the subject pop from the background, slightly underexposing the background can help with this, or just popping the strobe one stop higher as well. As for the cropping, I agree with the others. Removing some leg would help...
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    Tips and Tricks for Keeping kids still

    Duct tape works well.
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    Senior Portraits

    I agree on the teeth thing, lotta yellows and oranges in there. On the first one though, her upper lip needs to be lightened up a bit as it looks like she has a slight mustache due to the shadows. But I'm a huge fan of the second shot, I love how the back light frames the face. Much bueno, IMO.
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    Just boiling some shrimp

    Thank you Derrel. That's exactly what I was looking for.
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    Just boiling some shrimp

    Anybody have any input?
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    Just boiling some shrimp

    Here's a shot I got of one of the cooks at a local restaurant yesterday. C&C appreciated.
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    First portrait shoot

    I like the first two, but the onboard flash in the last one makes the lighting very flat, and gives some very harsh shadows.
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    And on Thursdays they come out of the woodwork...

    Anybody have anything to add? Bueller?... Bueller?...
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    First Time Shooting Skating. I Need Tips!

    Off and on camera lighting are mandatory for skate photography. I run an SB600 on camera with another off to one side, gives great light with excellent contrast. Here's an example.
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    Space shuttle

    That is an amazing shot!!!
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    And on Thursdays they come out of the woodwork...

    Been shooting a local open mic night for a few weeks now and thought I would share some with ya'll. C&C appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    US Beretta M9

    That's a gem. Keep her around.
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    Ed Brown 1911

    Oh my... Do I love those VZ grips. :drool:
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    US Beretta M9

    Excellent shot, I love seeing my issued sidearm is such nice lighting. But dude, you really need a better holster for that thing.