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    This girl

    face seems a bit soft.. could have used a little light, possily from a reflector of somesort on the left (her right side) of the face. looks like your saturation was bumped up a little bit to high, purple halo over her head? other then that, nice picture
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    So, ive been doign alot of research.. experimenting.. and lots of precious devoted time into trying to produce legit HDR's. Ill throw some #'s, roughly 1000 images, sunny days, cloudy days, dark rooms with lots of ambient, and some others... ive tried everything i could think of/read and i...
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    can you help?

    im looking for a hasselblad 501cm with some sort of lense, kit 80mm 2.8 would be more then fine. also the A12 for 120 film. no more then $1100 ish. anyone selling or know of where i can find one in really good condition? ive seen some on ebay very so often, by the time i get a change to try...
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    Graveyard experience

    i dont beleive so... i think it was just a kind gesture ones loved one thought of. I feel the rocks were a way that person felt that the deceased being portraied their life. Kind. Happy. Careing... etc. I found it unique, never seen it before either.
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    Homeless in San Fran

    o and on a quick note... those look like pretty new kicks hes wearing as well... ?
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    Homeless in San Fran

    and another quote: That One Guyi like this picture i am interested in this man. the ability to play a bass sitar isnt something you learn overnight or even on your own. plus the instrument probably wasnt cheap. of all of the instruments to play.....why the bass sitar? trained musician? just...
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    Graveyard experience

    So, i was on my way home from hacketstown NJ, drove by the front gate of this semitary. 1st thing i noticed. was the gate. beautiful. 2nd thing i knoticed. old wooden bridge going over river to the actual cemetary. 1st thing to come to mind from that was, this is an old cemetary. i took a stroll...
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    I finally got my camera! Lens Questions..

    thats not a bad lense at all. only drawback is, you need light. f/4 isnt that quick. its a good lense to get, but if you really want a lense to shoot NFL, your gonna need somthing fast for low light. Most sport games are into the evening hours. Even when there not, and its cloudy out. the f/4...
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    Which accessories for my new camera?

    i see... i didnt see his other thread.
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    What made you decide to upgrade to a better DSLR body?

    :heart: He nailed that. For action shots, the option of the numerous af points available today are so percise and accurate, its almost.. foolish not to use it. But for other scenarios like, portraits and when you have to use the TTL metering, single af is the way to go. (if anyone hasnt...
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    Which accessories for my new camera?

    WHOAAAA.. take a breather. Lets back up here for a minute. First, what type of photography do you even plan to shoot primarily. you say all kinds. ok.. 1st problem. 300mm lense get out of your wish list. 2nd, there are no mandatory accesories. Maybe with the exception of it being "nice" to...
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    Weird Question

    open up a box? haha jk. go to a hobby store. if they dont have sheets of cardboard for crafts, and only the presentation boards. ask them they usually have the source to order it.
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    New Camera!!!

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    DSLR Advice Please

    The nikon d40 is a great camera. So is the canon xti. -Its really on personal preferance. Youll really have to go to a camera store and play with both makes and models. Figure out which one feels more comfortable for you to use, all around. Buttons, ease of use, understanding whats going on...
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    My first model

    not bad for being through glass. your depth of feild is shallow. i like it. it isolated your subject. good use of DOF! your subject (squirrle) is centered in the frames. Im not to big on centered subjects. maybe portraits but thats one of the few exception IMO!!!.. others will argue. but...