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    Armed Siege (my pics tv & papers) (part2 - 56k)

    Aye the dog was being redied with a camera to make sure no one else was inside the building.... Cheers mate. Ken.
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    Armed Siege (my pics tv & papers) (part2 - 56k)

    Part 1 here TFL. Ken.
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    Armed Siege (my pics tv & papers) (part 1 - 56k)

    Got a phone call 8am Sunday13th, informing me that most of the town centre was cordoned off…..and armed police are wandering around. I was the only tog for at least a good couple of hours and to my surprise only one other turned up. Obviously not all these shots are news worthy but...
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    Can you feel the force.

    Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around lately.....just got so much on. Promise to call back soon though! I was asked to show a guy how to go on with landscapes and his new camera, so we had a look up to High Force and surrounding waterfalls. This is just one of a few shots I got, quickly...
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    Margaret (56k)

    Yeah, I agree and do apologise.....although it's not in the context I was meaning. Pretty much like you commenting on a comment on here and not the pics!
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    Margaret (56k)

    Thanks very much for the comments..... Nothing positive to say? For reference, below is what I posted on another forum. I did not go in to these details here as I only ever tend to get 2 or 3 comments in this section of the forum for some reason.....and did not think it would be worth the...
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    canyon II

    Cool shot of a lovely place. Can I ask if it is a blend?.... as the tops of the trees that reach the sky are very dark compared to the rest of the tree.
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    Margaret (56k)

    Just a few from a 3 hour location shoot with Margaret. I'll post others later if any interest. TFL. Ken.
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    Empty Station

    Thank guy's I really appreciate all the comments......Many thanks! Thanks Sebastian, It was the break in the clouds that actually drew me to this shot. I don't often see in black & white but immediately new that this could have a strange eerie feel with the empty station the reflection and the...
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    Citrus Picker

    Very nice shot....sorry can't really add to what has been said already.
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    Business Day

    Both well taken shots with good processing but for me it's the second....just love the light and shadows playing against each other.
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    I like the light in this one of a well caught moment.
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    hotel chair in barcelona

    Do we know Kaymlo is not a pro? Of the two I prefer the second and could sit there watching Barcelona go by. I understand what you wanted from the first (I think) but for me there is too much curtain/net and just maybe not enough chair.
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    the soul of 40 Music Mountain Road

    Love the angle you shot 5 and 7 kinda appeals to me but not sure why. 9 I also like as it has that vintage feel.