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    Reasons I Like/Dislike Mirrorless

    D780: 2260 shots
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    Upgrade to Nikon Fullframe, instructor recommended D750

    You’ll really like the D780. 👍
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    Memorial Day

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    Neck/Shoulder Strap

    URTH strap.
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    URTH camera straps.

    Hello Any user opinions or reviews on the URTH camera straps? They do appear to be quite similar to the Peak Design straps. Thanks
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    Reasons I Like/Dislike Mirrorless

    D780 number of shots: 2260
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    Nikon FM2n

    Let us not forget the fantastic F3.
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    Anyone have the Nikon D780?

    I’m using the 35 f/2 AF prime on my D780 too. Love it!
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    40 year old glass- the 'Afghan Girl' lens

    Interesting. He told me that he used his 105 lens. 🤔
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    40 year old glass- the 'Afghan Girl' lens

    I use the original, first edition of the Nikon 105 f/2.5 glass on my D780.
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    Help choosing a 35mm

    Love the 35 f/2 D
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    Remote for Nikon

    Let it rest? It was not answered correctly. 🙄
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    New Camera after D300

    i agree. Love my D780 👍
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    Nikon launches D780

    I’m loving my D780!
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    Remote for Nikon

    Use the Nikon SnapBridge app. It works very well.