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    Cool shots. It sure does look dark in that venue.
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    Ciggy Break

    Hey Helenjune thanks for your response What I was trying to do was catch them in there natural surrounds taking a break/having a cigarette or a chat and a laugh. I have to admit I didn't think about the background when I took the shot but after reviewing I thought it was ok as the scaffolding...
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    Surfing Photography

    Man, it looks awefully cold up there, full wet suits top to tail! I don't think we even do that in Winter down these parts, respect to those guys. Had a look at your set, im a bit of an noob at all this so not sure how much information I can give, but I can say the light on First Flight looks...
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    Uuugh, I know, not the grandkids...but!!!

    Yeah great shot no.1, love the expression!
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    Club Rugby

    A couple of shots from the other day at the rugby club, C&C invited please.
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    Ciggy Break

    Couple of blokes on a construction site, thought it was an interesting shot, any thoughts?
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    A couple HDR shots I took. C&C !

    No.1 looks great. I need to have a go at this HDR, yours look fantastic, perhaps when I have a go and post a few up you could pass on some tips!
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    Emphatic (A buttload of images)

    Oh yeah awesome set!
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    My Boys

    No.1 is very nice, the dog appears to have such character in that photo.
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    Dark Light

    I think the Plate looks better in the B&W but detracts slightly from the colour image. Both are cool tho!
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    Photos of Joplin, MO tornado damage

    Great Set, thanks for sharing. These really give an appreciation of the scale of destruction and our thoughts are with the many people that have been affected.
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    Race bikes too quick for my 400D autofocus?

    Thanks for the replies. I have attached some examples of the range of results I have got, from my better one to the ugly. I was using backbutton focusing and the centre focus point. However the tips on technique from KmH have shown me already that my 'sloppy' technique has probably a lot to do...
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    Race bikes too quick for my 400D autofocus?

    I need a bit of advice please.... SO I spent the day at the raceway shooting Superbikes. Beautiful day that started slightly overcast but finished brilliantly blue. I shot from all around the paddock and all round had a good time. And then I got home to review my days work.....almost all of my...
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    Some from Miami

    Mooo, No.1 is fantastic - what lens did you use fior this one to get that perspective/distortion? Any tricks involved? thanks
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    Mauna Kea Summit. CC welcome

    this is beautiful, i find it a very pleasing photo to look at.