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    Do you

    I punch hard and run fast.
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    Sunrise in Oahu Hawai'i

    Zero editing. I took about 30 images that morning since I was up at 5am due to the time change.
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    Sunrise in Oahu Hawai'i

    Yeah, I know, friggin Donald Trump.
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    Boats and a Blue Sky

    10-22mm lens? I like.
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    Sunrise in Oahu Hawai'i

    No post processing. C&C welcome. 1. 2.
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    Random pic, c&c

    PS'd the smoke then?
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    Got my 5D Mark II

    Super jealous, looking forward to when I can grip my very own 5DM2. Thanks for sharing and making me drool. =)
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    A recent senior

    #3 is my favorite even though the subject is tilted and she is missing some hands. Nice smile and beautiful bokeh; I'd crop and keep the goodies.
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    Looking to get into Photography

    Welcome to the site. I used to take pictures of cars, now I photograph cars. That's also not the only thing I shoot, I now shoot everything.
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    Random pic, c&c

    Bravo, I like.
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    Anyone else shoot motorsports? (help me :))

    I'd recommend shooting in shutter priority at 1/125 or slower if your panning ability is top notch. Otherwise, the cars are going to look like they're parked on the track. If you're shooting the cars head on then it won't make a difference so it depends on where you're shooting in regards to...
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    High School Football

    Hmm... I must have missed the joke.
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    Polar Bear Exhibit at The San Diego Zoo

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    High School Football

    Are you shooting Tv and AI Servo? Do you use a monopod or tripod? I'd recommend: 1. utilize the 40d's 6.5 fps and shoot 1/500 or faster. 2. Save up for the 70-200mm f/2.8 3. ISO of 800 or less with the 40d, nothing higher.
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    Lens Hood

    I have hoods on all my lenses; truthfully, I don't know any reason why anyone wouldn't utilize hoods.