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    How to get tham to smile?

    Just a thought: Making them comfortable comes long before taking the first shots...
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    really? (d3)

    Generally, if it's too good to be true, then it's too good to be true. And, I think that's the case here.
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    Post Processing help...

    Thanks for the input. I was probably a little close for this one, but the camera said it was good, so I shot. I'm using the 400D's kit lens and everything I see says minimum focusing distance is about a foot. I probably got a little carried away because I didn't expect it to let me get as...
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    Post Processing help...

    Hi, everyone. I'm just coming back from a bit of a break from the forum (and photography in general, unfortunately) because life has been a bit busy recently. Anyway, when it comes to photography, I think the thing I need the most help with is post processing work. Really, I have no idea...
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    Light Graffiti

    It stands for "Bulb."
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    Light Graffiti

    I like the examples on THIS page. Pretty cool stuff.
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    What do you think of the bokah on this shot?

    Bokeh or not, I say the shot turned out nicely.
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    Light Graffiti

    All you need is a long shutter speed, a small light source (flashlight, LED, etc), and some time to mess around/experiment.
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    FRUSTRATED *rant*

    Maybe you could try some of the ideas that you can pull off. Or, you could take a break for a while. Garbz had some nice suggestions.
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    Night Art

    Well, it's a little easier than you may think (not that I've really tried it). All you'd need is an accurate reading from the camera or a meter. We'll go with f/2.8 at 30 seconds (completely hypothetical). This will give you accurate exposure, but not enough depth of field (for this...
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    ever lose any equipment to a friend?

    That's kind of what I was thinking...
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    My XTi died on me....

    And if it's not still good, sounds like a good excuse to upgrade...
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    The gratest Mirror portrait eveeeeerrrrr

    No, the flash isn't on.
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    What does the law say? Image rights?

    Text message? Very professional... Have you talked to him about another shoot? Was there anything in a contract that may cover a situation like this?