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    Saturday at the zoo

    These are awesome! Great job!
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    Storm (9 Pics)

    Cool. I like the first photo "after the storm"
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    the silver beach

    Very cool! I do like this photo, but it would be neat to see it without such deep shadows (just to compare) :)
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    Snowdonia reflections - sunrise revisit

    amazing!! You can feel the clouds moving the second photo!
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    Bald Eagle

    Fantastic!! Can I ask what lens you used?
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    Reverse Macro

    Pretty nice!! My favourites are #2 and #3!
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    Scattered showers

    Very nice!! My fav is #4!
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    Sunrise across Ivanpah

    What an amazing photo!! Beautiful!
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    My first Macro shots

    Thank you very much :)
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    u can say it's Portrait !

    WOW... I absolutely LOVE the first photo!! AMAZING! Did you have it set on a tripod?
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    My first time posting! Beach Session...

    Great Job! I really like #1, #3, #4, and #7 best!
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    My first Macro shots

    I always wanted to try macro photography, so I finally got myself some extension tubes. Here are some photos of my first time using them C&C welcome :)
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    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    Thanks Mike, So I guess I either deal with shooting a prime only or invest in another lens.
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    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    Thanks Mike, I know it's an "out-there" question, but it seems like the more I read up on Canon's users, a favorite for alot seems to be the 24-70 F2.8, so i thought there had to be a favourite for the Nikon users. I'm shooting a wedding next summer for the first time. I only have a 18-200mm...
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    Best Nikon lens for weddings (and portraits)?

    What is considered the best Nikkor lens for wedding photographers (and portraits photographers)? Why?