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    Hahaha. I don't even know what I'd call them, but here's their myspace: Yes, they practically melt wearing that stuff. The one guy's authentic chain mail weighs like 10 or so pounds. I agree about the vignetting. The trees were kind of distracting, so I admit I...
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    You may think that they are dressed like this because it's Halloween. However, in reality, that's how they dress all the time for shows. This is my husband's metal band called Dethlehem. We went to a friend's parent's farm this past weekend to borrow a horse for the shot. Well, the horse was not...
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    Kadawatha promo

    So awesome as always.
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    :: Homecoming Shot ::

    The first one looks like a giant pumpkin on train tracks...which is totally awesome :)
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    Photography tattoos

    That's a pretty cool idea...never thought of it. Most of my tattoos are Halloween related.
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    First wedding ~ Nick & Nicole

    These are very nice! The only one I'm not wild about it #9. It looks very blown on my screen and a little blurry. I think #1 is my favorite. Great job! I wouldn't have guessed this was your first one.
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    Buffalo Sabres Training Camp

    Nice! ...Even though I'm a Penguins fan. I think many of them, especially the Maxim Afinogenov one, would benefit from having the entire stick in the picture. And I know it's only training camp, but I would've liked to see more action shots instead of them just standing around. That's just me...
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    Could you dodge a bullet?

    While I agree that most clearly show their faces, I disagree that they are generally black and white. I get a few kits a month and they are mostly color.
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    Sr Photo Session - Taylor

    I actually just adjusted in RGB. I brought the two corners over slightly and then fiddled with the s-curve in the middle until it looked good to me. I hope that makes some sense. I used to adjust using the saturation slider, but I found the colors always look crazy to me. Here's a youtube...
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    Sr Photo Session - Taylor

    Also, the part to the left showing the tin wall is a little bit distracting to me. I would probably clone the grass to fill the space on the ground and clone the red wall/door post to cover the tin part.
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    Sr Photo Session - Taylor

    It looks a little yellowy/green to me. Hmmm. I hope you don't mind, but I played with it...if you want, I can take it down. I just did a curves adjustment to bring out some color and contrast.
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    Going to a night time H.S. Football game tonight...

    Agreed. Most high school stadium lighting is terrible. I actually just shot a game tonight, too.
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    Going to a night time H.S. Football game tonight...

    What lens are you planning to shoot with?
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    Hackettstown Street Fair, NJ! 9/14/08

    I think #1 is the only one here that could pass for true photojournalism. On my screen it looks a little dark and blurry. The second one also looks blurry and it doesn't really show much at all. While the exposure looks good on #3, kids posing for a camera is not photojournalism. I hope that...
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    Train (from today)

    Thanks all!! @LaFoto: I tend to use vignettes a whole lot. I don't know why. Haha.