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    Canon 50mm 1.4

    Like new; used 3 times before I purchased my Sigma 35 and now I never use it, so I'm clearing it out. Warranty card and original box and packaging included. $300 + shipped USPS Priority/insured. Thanks. PS - I don't check this site often, so please email me: for a...
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    Bride sues over "worst wedding video ever"

    $13,000 for that? I'd be pissed, too. That's a lot of money for that short of a video.... they should still be documenting her marriage... buuuuttt - it is a great video, he did a great job; she seems to be a bit of a self-proclaimed princess. :\ Recipe for disaster.
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    FOR SALE****Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM w/UV filter

    I wish I could take this off of your hands!!
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    View from my house

    Well, I'm jealous! That's beautiful.
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    What do you think of this photo?

    @Gavjenks OUTSTANDING edit!!!!! White balance is def an issue in the original post.
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    Shoot with Erica - CC Requested

    I think these are fantastic. 2 & 3 are my favorites, for sure!!! #3 is outstanding!
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    Hot Pink Laundromat!

    I live on Camp Foster. The laundromat is in Yomitan-son. :)
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    My BW obsession lately

    I think this is absolutely adorable and needs no changes. :D
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    Army Officer in formal dress

    Wow! Very nice... love the lighting.
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    three babies, two bellies!

    These are gorgeous... I love the colors!
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    Canon 6D Review 1+ Year Hands-on w/ 5.6GB hi-res images & low-comp video

    Great review and wow, your images are breathtaking!!!!
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    portrait of my daughter

    I happen to think they're great. I adore your post processing and totally see where you were going with these... good job!
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    SO SO SO Happy ... Wonderful Camera my new Nikon 7100

    I was very happy with my D7000. I'm sure the D7100 is extra special. Enjoy your new camera! :)
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    MB-D14 Nikon Battery Grip for D600

    MB-D14 $200 + shipped - This is the last item of my Nikon gear. It's only a couple of months old and in mint condition. All accessories and box included, warranty card never filled out. Sorry for the quick, awfully composed pictures, lol - they were taken in a hurry. If I don't sell this...