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    1973 BMW 2002tii

    Some shots of an old BMW I did recently. FocusStack3 by keips66, on Flickr 5 shot focus stack. One frame happened to have the flyby. HDR-2 copy by keips66, on Flickr 5 shot bracket for HDR. DSC_5102 copy by keips66, on Flickr DSC_5182 copy by keips66, on Flickr All Nikon 105mm
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    Moonrise in Yosemite Valley

    Thanks! got really lucky with timing and access to the park. Tricky in these strange times.
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    Fog tube wave crashing

    Is this looking west to San Bruno Mtn, and Brisbane?
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    Venice Cafe Scene ICM

    Venice6 by keips66, on Flickr Warm summer night in Venice. ICM sets the mood after a long day. 24-70 1/5
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    Moonrise in Yosemite Valley

    Moonrise on Halloween by keips66, on Flickr A full moon rising, looking east in Yosemite Valley, on Halloween. Love the climbers on El Cap. 24-70 @70mm, 15sec. Wish the full size image could upload...
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    73 BMW 3.0 CS

    Thanks everyone! It was a beautiful car, and a challenge for mid day, (you can see by the shadows) without a CPL. I don't own one that fits on the 105. It was also a very tight area and often times backed up against buildings or object to fit the shot.
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    zoom zoom

    68 Charger, part of a Bullet shoot I did, racing away from SF. Bullet by keips66, on Flickr Nikon 24-70,2.8 dragging slightly, and from another moving vehicle.
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    73 BMW 3.0 CS

    Some mid-day shot of a restored 3.0CS BMW 3.0CS by keips66, on Flickr 5shot focus stack, Nikon 105mm BMW 3.0CS by keips66, on Flickr Nikon 105mm BMW 3.0CS by keips66, on Flickr Nikon 105mm 5shot focus stack BMW 3.0 CS by keips66, on Flickr
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    Selfie by keips66, on Flickr Well, it has been a looooong time. Years in fact, since I have posted something here. It wasn't a lack of desire to take photos, but rather a pause from posting so many places. This is a selfie, at home, during lockdown.
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    Boo by keips66, on Flickr High ISO, underexposed, but still creepy. Shows just enough detail of the veil. This was at a bar with some live music. I have no idea who it is, but she just zoned out...
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    The Middle of Nowhere...

    Thanks Derrel :)
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    The Middle of Nowhere...

    Dang! Thanks :) Yeah its basically where Burning Man is, but a little deeper on the Playa. Also, during Burnin Man, no vehicles are allowed to drive, and there are all sorts of other rules. So this is a wee bit different, and a lot more free... Its a trek for sure, but well worth it.
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    The Middle of Nowhere...

    Went up to Black Rock Desert Playa. The most unforgiving, hostile, but beautiful remote place I've ever been. My intervalometer did not work correctly for the star trail photos. I had it set on 25 sec exposure, with 1 second interval, for 201 shots. Shooting JPG Fine. It took about 15 photos and...
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    Good Timer?

    Really? Yes intervalometer. I thought the built in was only for 1 exposure. Looks like I need to pick up the manual and actually read it.
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    Good Timer?

    Going out deep into the high desert over the 4th. Going to try and get some good star and Milky Way photos. Star trails etc... I have the Yongnuo transmitters and receivers and they have never failed me. Question is, they also make a timer for D700, and I'm wondering if anyone has used it? or...